Noospheric Emergence pART 7: The Alchemical Resurrection of the Human Soul and Mind

Today we celebrate the life and legacy of an iconic figure of the renaissance of art and science and one of the greatest geniuses of all time : Leonardo DaVinci.

Last April 15th, 2019 (NS1.31.10.12 KIN 172 3Human) marked DaVinci’s 567th Solar return and opened a 17-day resurrection window that ends today May 2, 2019 (NS1.31.11.1 KIN 189 7Moon) with the completion of the 500-YEAR milestone from his passing (May 2, 1519 KIN 209 1Moon).

From the perspective of the synchronic order, the 500 years of DaVinci’s legacy to the world seals with masterful elegance the completion of yet another KEY milestone within the narrative of our evolutionary journey on Planet eARTh. Considering the transcendental nature of this milestone, we invite you to explore today how the signature of this extraordinary human being is masterfully woven through the fabric of Time-Space, and is still acting as a powerful archetypal protagonist of the human journey of resurrection we are now experiencing…

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