The REAL-Time / DREAM-Time Return of the 13th King of Palenque


KIN 113
9 SKYWALKER [9.13]

LC 2Manik 0 Sotz’


The Palace Tablet. Photo: Jorge Pérez de Lara


Today marks the completion of 1316 years from the day when K’INICH K’AN JOY CHITAM II, “Precious/Yellow Tied Peccary”, the second son of Pacal Votan, acceded to the throne of Palenque, becoming the 13th ruler in the dynasty.

The event was recorded in stone on a unique relief panel famous for relating a number of important events in the city’s history, including royal accessions and rites of crowning known as the “Palace Tablet”. The tablet was dedicated in the year 720AD, late in the reign of K’inich K’an Joy Chitam, when it was built into the rear wall of House A-D of the Palace.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 07.20.36.png
View of “The Palace” from the Temple of The Cross


”Palace tablet (detail of figures only). the central figure is K’inich K’an Joy Chitam II, flanked by his parents (on the left is K’inich Janaab Pakal and on the right, Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw). The figures sit on benches associated with the three stones of creation. Pakal holds a drum major headdress with a jester god diadem. Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw, wearing a jade skirt, displays a bowl containing a personified eccentric flint and flayed face shield.” Source:



Birth :LC 11Ahaw (Kin 180) , DS Kin 38/39  (Greg. November 3, 644) Accession: LC 5Lamat (Kin 148) DS Kin 253/254,  (Greg. May 31,702) Ascension: Not Known.



After Khan Balham’s death in 702, Kinich Kan Joy Chitam succeeded his brother and became the 13th ruler in the Palenque dynastic sequence at 57 years of age. This took place on Long Count date 5 Lamat (KIN 148) EXACTLY 122 Tzolkins after Pacal Votan’s accession to the throne in 615 and 5718 Tzolkins prior to his father’s future return in the year 4772 (recorded also in stone at the Temple of Inscriptions).

Notice also that:

  1. His birth corresponds to Dreamspell KIN 38/39 (3×13) and…
  2. His enthronement corresponds to Dreamspell KIN 253: The 13th position of the 13th Harmonic of the Tzolkin.

As presented on our recent entry entitled “Blast from the Ancient Future Past” (published last KIN 46 7Worldbridger), TODAY May 31st, 2018 marks 1316 years since this event and corresponds to KIN 113 9Skywalker guided by KIN 9 9Moon (113+9=122) This seems to be highlighting the prophetic relevance of this day considering that:

>> KIN 113 is the perfect occult of KIN 148 5Star/5Lamat

>> On the Traditional Maya Count (REAL Time) today corresponds to 2Manik (KIN 67):
KIN 67 (REAL Time) + KIN 113 (DREAM Time) = KIN 180 11Ahaw Kan Joy Chitam’s birth date on the Long Count (REAL Time)

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 21.38.13

>> Today is day 2 of the 12th moon of the year coded by KIN 12 • 12Human [12.12] (Chitam accession followed his brother Khan Balam, the 12th King of Lakamha)

>> The current interval difference between the REAL Time and the DREAM Time is 46 KIN/days (11367=46). It was on a day 7Cimi (KIN 46) on the Traditional Maya Count when Khan Balham, Pakal Votan’s elder son and successor to the throne ascended:

>> The ancient future return of Pacal Votan inscribed in Palenque as LC marker 5Lamat corresponds to KIN 46, 7WorldBridger on the Dreamspell count.

>> 7 days ago on NS1.30.11.23 KIN 106 (MAY 24) • Long Count 8Ahaw (KIN 60) marked 1988 Tzolkins from Pacal Votan’s arrival to this world. Since there are 46 days of difference between the Traditional Maya Count (REAL Time) and the Galactic Maya Count (DREAM Time), the frequencies of the Father and Son (the 11th and 12th rulers of the Palenque Dynasty) synchronize on this day.

>> KIN 46 7 Cimi also corresponds to one of the 2 Lords of Xibalba (the name of the Underworld in K’iche’Maya mythology, as presented in the Popol Vuh)

>> The DreamTime Telektonon was completed last 2017-11-3 KIN 163 7Night, during “Day of the Dead” and on the 1445th anniversary of Kan Joy Chitam’s birth date in 644-11-3.

>> TOMORROW June 1st, 2018 KIN 114 10 Wizard will mark 24 years since the discovery of the tomb of his mother, Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw on Temple XIII (13). Please note that 24 is the inverse of 42, the number that codes this BLOG.

>> Today marks the 64th galactic return of this pen and October 28th, 2018 KIN 3 [3.3] will correspond to his 46th Solar Return and his last day rotating as 2Mirror. This then a very special synchronization window:

64 Tzolkins X 46 Solar Years.


NOTE: The Human DNA code is comprised of 64 codons and each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differ between males and females.


In a 2012 essay by renowned archaeologist and epigrapher David Stuart, entitled “The Name of Paper: The Mythology of Crowning and Royal Nomenclature on Palenque’s Palace Tablet” he presents a new analysis of this unique center-piece with the aim of resolving important and long-standing problems in their interpretation:

“In doing so I hope to show that the Palace Tablet’s text and imagery work together to present a variation on a triedand-true theme in Palenque’s art and inscriptions, in which Palenque’s rulers were likened to and even equated with very remote historical and mythical protagonists. The Palace Tablet is rooted in the personal history of its creator and protagonist K’inich K’an Joy Chitam, but it also weaves into its narrative an intriguing reference to a previously misunderstood character known as the “Jester God,” who was associated with primordial ancestry and rulership throughout the Maya area. This aspect of the Palace Tablet’s significance will involve a foray into the mythology and iconography of this important deity, whose significance can now, I think, be greatly clarified.”




Report by

transmitting LIVE
from Lakamha
on his
64th Galactic Return on V24.3

2 thoughts on “The REAL-Time / DREAM-Time Return of the 13th King of Palenque

  1. Hey brother, thanks for the post! Just wondering about a thing and maybe you could clarify this for me here, are you speaking about the 16 year program of Cube of the Law below or something else?

    “>> The DreamTime Telektonon was completed last 2017-11-3 KIN 163 7Night, during “Day of the Dead” and on the 1445th anniversary of Kan Joy Chitam’s birth date in 644-11-3.”

    Have a superluminal day, with regards, F!


    1. Hey brother! Thanks for tuning in..! Below is an excerpt from the original Tortuga1320 report so u can understand the different layers of the DreamTime Telektonon. It is recommended to read the entire trans-mission to have the FULL scope, but in a nutshell:

      “Telektonon: The Unfolding Galactic Maya Prophecy

      Game of Telektonon: Each Unit = 1 Day of the 28-day cycle of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. Its purpose is the initiation in Natural Time and the practice of Telepathy.

      Warrior Telektonon: Each Unit = 1 Solar Year. It is the Rainbow Warrior countdown from 1997 till 2012-2013 = 16 Years

      Dreamtime Telektonon: Each Unit = 1 Dreamspell Tzolkin (260 days). It is the path of the Ascended Masters of the New Time, their Earth Walk, their Prophetic Separation, the Lovers’ Reunion and their Heaven Walk. From the other side of the veil, and through the codes that they embodied, they guide the dimensional shift from the fourth dimension (4D) to the fifth dimension (5D) and beyond.

      Realtime Telektonon: Each Unit = 1 Tzolkin (260 days) of Haabs Calendars (365), which is 260×365 = 94,900 days. This blueprint was also decoded by Kin 34. It confirms the primordial origin of Telektonon, which is actually inscribed in stone in the Temple of the Inscriptions of Palenque. It is the original prophetic source of Pacal Votan, who is guided by Bolon Ik, the main deity of Palenque Cosmology, also known as GI and as the Guardian of the Throne. The Realtime-Telektonon Warrior Cube starts with King Pacal’s Accession to the Throne and it ends with his Future Return (Heaven Reunion). All these dates are written in stone in the Temple of Inscriptions and within the Telektonon board!


      1 Telektonon Game Unit = 1 Day of the 28 Day Cycle of 13 Moon Calendar
      1 Warrior Telektonon Unit = 1 Solar Year of the 16 years countdown 1997-2013
      1 Dreamtime Telektonon Unit = 1 Dreamspell Tzolkin (260 Days). The Ascended Masters.
      1 Realtime Telektonon Unit = 1 Tzolkin of Haabs. Classic Maya Palenque Time.
      Dreamtime Telektonon of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

      The Dreamtime Telektonon blueprint was laid by the conscious or the unconscious higher selves of the Ascended Masters of the New Time, the archetypes of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik on behalf of the Mother and Father of the Galactic Maya Cosmology. As we will see through their timelines down below, they played the Dreamtime Telektonon on Earth and their higher selves reunited for the Heaven Walk in 2012-2013. As Ascended Masters of the New Time, they teach the dimensional shift from their sacred place in the 5th Dimension of Prophecy.

      Dreamtime Telektonon

      Coded by Yellow Galactic Seed (Kin 164)
      1 Unit = 1 Dreamspell Tzolkin (260 days)
      Units 1-6. Earth Walk: The Galactic Seed Initiation (1997)

      Kin 164, Galactic Seed day (23 November 1997, Mayan Tzolkin = 9 Ben, Kin 113)
      Valum Votan and Bolon Ik entered their Dreamtime Telektonon and initiated their Earth Walk.

      Let us remember that in 1997, both messengers were at the peak of their roles as Planetary Pilgrims of the New Time, something that represents the perfect embodiment of the Earth Walk.

      In 1997, they also published the 20 Twenty Tablets of the Law of Time: Sixteen Year Telektonon Cube of the Law. They synchronised the 16 year Warrior Cube journey from Kin 164 in 1997 till Kin 164 in 2013 (Galactic Synchronization).”

      In Lak’ech

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