KIN 46 7Worldbridger

I channel in order Equalize
Inspiring Opportunity
I seal the store of Death
with the resonant tone of Attunement
I am guided by the power of Endlessness

LC 13Ahaw

TODAY marks a point in time when multiple time vectors are arriving to a new convergence point… Past, Present and Future are connecting in the ETERNAL NOW:

xc In the Traditional/Indigenous Maya count we are closing a new Tzolkin cycle of 260 days, while in the Galactic Maya Count we are transiting a KEY Future marker. Let’s examine this synchronization with more detail…



>>> As we write these words we are 3870 TZOLKINs (+ 148 “Leap Days”) away from the mysterious future date recorded in stone at Palenque corresponding to the marker ~ 5Lamat (KIN 148) on the Long Count and NS54.29.4.4 KIN 46 7Worldbridger on the Dreamspell Count  (October 21, 4772 on the Gregorian Calendar)

>> This date marks exactly 80 Calendar Rounds (80 cycles of 52 Years) in the future after Pacal Votan’s accession to the throne of Palenque, recorded on 5Lamat (July 26, 615).

80 Calendar Rounds from Ancient Accession to Future Return: These 80 calendar Rounds also correspond to 5840 Tzolkins, signaling a TRIPLE synchronization point in TIME when Earth, Venus and Tzolkin cycles come to a very elegant completion as 584 days is the Frequency of Venus Synodic Cycle: 80 x 52 x 365 = 584 x 10 x 260



5 Lamat also codes the accession to the throne of Palenque of Pacal’s second son, Kinich Kan Joy Chitam II, as recorded in stone on 5Lamat (May 30/31, 702)

”Palace tablet (detail of figures only). The central figure is K’inich K’an Joy Chitam ii, flanked by his parents (on the left is k’inich janaab pakal and on the right, lady tz’akbu ajaw ). The figures sit on benches associated with the three stones of creation.”  Source:


After Chan Balhum’s death in 702 Kinich Kan Joy Chitam succeeded his brother and became the 13th ruler in the Palenque dynastic sequence. This took place EXACTLY 122 Tzolkins after Pacal Votan’s accession to the throne in 615. NOTE: Next May 31st, 2018 marks 1316 years since thise event and corresponds to KIN 113 9Skywalker guided by KIN 9 9Moon (113+9=122) This seems to be highlighting the prophetic relevance of this day considering that:

  • KIN 113 is the perfect occult of KIN 148 5Star/5Lamat
  • We are currently transiting the 9th moon of the year coded by KIN 9 • 9Moon.
  • June 1st, 2018 KIN 114 10 Wizard will mark 24 years since the discovery of the tomb of his mother, Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw on Temple XIII

and that

  •  The DreamTime Telektonon was completed on 2017-11-3 KIN 163 7Night, during “Day of the Dead” and on the 1445th anniversary of his birth date (ALPHA) in 644-11-3.

<<< 520 (260×2) days ago we were exactly 53 Calendar Rounds of 52 years away from this future date in history. (520 days corresponds to a “Wisdom Cycle”: 260 days of Becoming + 260 days of Return)


<<< It was on a day 7Cimi on the Traditional Maya Count when Chan Valum, Pakal Votan’s elder son and successor to the throne ascended.

<<< 7 Cimi also corresponds to one of the 2 Lords of Xibalba (the name of the Underworld in K’iche’ Maya mythology, as presented in the Popol Vuh)



Today we are closing a special window of 3 days that is serving as a prophetic mirror preamble to the coming “3-Day Resurrection window of 2018, to take place in EXACTLY 1 week during Easter Friday, Saturday and Sunday (3.30-3.31-4.01) according to the Gregorian calendar of the Catholic Church (KIN 51, 52, 53 on the Dremspell Count)… This window has proven to be of special prophetic significance since 2013 and 2018 is not the exception (we will expand on this in the coming days…) This 3-day preamble window corresponding to March 23,24,25 ~ KIN 44, 45, 46 on the Dreamspell Count has been accompanied by 3 prophetic signs of Resurrection and enshrined by intense Solar Wind + Aurora activity due to a VERY large Coronal Hole facing Earth….


March 23rd, 2018: KIN 44 5Seed DS – 11Etznab LC
1415 years Pacal Votan’s birth in 603 (ALPHA) and 7 years fromValum Votan’s ascension in 2011 (OMEGA)

This date also marked 140 days from the start (ALPHA) of a NEW Dreamtime Telektonon of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, and arrived loaded with  a new stream of powerful revelations from the Ancient~Future, confirming once again the twin avataric nature of José + Lloydine as mirror emanations of Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik. Please read  “The Telektonon Trinity : Part 6D Transmission 2. The Perfection of the Divine Order Teaches Peace.”  by Kin 34, Galactic Wizard for details. Another Realtime~Dreamtime Prophecy precisely sealed on Long Count Kin 258 + Dreamspell Kin 44 (22+22) = Kin 42 = 21+21, in perfect synchronization with this blog and with the Exhibit of Queen Tz’akbu Ajaw in New York that started on Kin 21 and Kin 22. This synchronization on KIN 44 is also in resonance with October 21, 4772 (Day 4 of Self-existing Moon 4 = 4.4)


March 24,25 2018:  DS: KIN 45 6Serpent / KIN 46 7WorldBridger  – LC: 12Cauac/13 Ajaw (TZOLKIN OMEGA)


March 25, KIN 46 also marks the completion of 1 solar orbit since the “resurrection” of Venus at the start (ALPHA Point) of the 4th out of 5 Venus Synodic Cycles comprising the  8-Year Pentagrammic Cycle of 2012-2020:

1 YEAR AGO: March 25, 2017, KIN 201: Learn more @  VENUS and the TRIPLE RESURRECTION OF “THE GODDESS”.. 

As mentioned before, it was on a day 6Chiccan/ 7Cimi (on the Traditional Maya Count) when Chan Valum, Pakal Votan’s elder son and successor to the throne ascended (OMEGA) as recorded in stone on LC Kin 45 / 46 *  Greg. 02. 17/18 . 702. Currently there is a difference of 46 days between the Indigenous Maya count (PAST) and the Galactic Maya count (FUTURE).


Since KIN 46 corresponds to the the only date in the future that appears engraved in stone in Palenque, today is a good opportunity to travel in time and revisit this post about this date and its prophetic significance within the 7-Dynasties of Timeship Earth posted exactly 520 days ago as it serves as preamble to grasp the importance of next Resurrection Sunday on KIN 53 1 Skywalker…




In Lak’ech



#TimeIsART #PastPresentFuture


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