27:42 StarSeed comes Thrice splitting the Indigo night



Yellow Galactic Seed(s)

We harmonize in order to target
Modeling awareness
We seal the input of flowering
With the galactic tone of integrity
We are guided by the power of elegance

This blog was written late autumn 2014 during the 9 Moon year, by quetzalcoatl113 and me and first published on K164 (Dec 28 2014) exactly 780 days- Triple Tzolkin – Martian Synodic from today. Now the Seeds are sprouting and growing.

1300 days – 5 Tzolkin from Galactic Synchronization,
5460 days – 21 Tzolkin or 780 weeks (+5 leap days) from the day Valum Votan was honored “Closer of the Cycle”atop the pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan on March 3rd, 2003, KIN 164.


“Electric Update: We are the Galactic Seeds! Galactic Renaissance IS the Revolution of Time in action. As each of us begins to find and express our own unique channel, then sooner than later we will break out of this confining artificial cocoon and become glorious galactic butterflies soaring in a new atmosphere. When we are aligned with the New Beam, there is no past to return to. There is nothing to defend. There is no image to maintain. There is no one to compete with.” Stephanie South


The past is over
A new spell is cast
In light of the New Sun
Divine Romance at last

“As I was writing this a FANTASTIC example came through from RuBen Kin 113 (head of the Banner of Peace Committee for FLT) and Jannis, Kin 189 (FLT Galactic Liasion-Germany). This is a VAST WORK that took much contemplation and cooperation and deserves careful study. It is a supreme example of how to work with this information. Thank you Solar Skywalker and Resonant Moon!”
Stephanie South


Jose Arguelles K11 together with Stephanie South K185 at Nah Chan, the House of the Serpent, photo taken on K189

“We feel every one of us is an instrument of nature and this is for our art!
The art is the union between the material and the spiritual, the Human and
the Divine… This is why we take Myth and Fact and transformed it into Art,
through the music of Alan Parsons Project.”
* * *

The following text is a chronicle of synchronic and magical events lived by Planet Art NetWorkers Jannis 189 and RuBen 113 since the 9th day of the Self-Existing Moon of
the Solar Moon Year, KIN 101 10 Dragon , and all the way through the Mystic Mirrorless Column of the Tzolkin, sacred passage route to the endless Dimensional Universe Om-niverse that connects Realms of the Past, Present and Future.
It is our sincere intention and hope that the events here narrated inspire others to share their stories of synchronicity, and that the recollection of these events allows us to remember the true nature of reality within the infinite tapestry of Time.

This transcription started on:
Kin 137 Red Resonant Earth :: :: L o r d A h V u c T i C a b
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family Core :: ClanSky
I channel in order to evolve
Inspiring synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of universal water
Analog: 7 Wind Kin 202
Guide: 7 Moon Kin 189
Antipode: 7 Hand Kin 7
Occult: 7 Seed Kin 124 ( 189 this year, 113 + 11 )


“The Eagle will rise again
And so, with no warning, no last goodbye
In the dawn of the morning sky
The eagle will rise again”

From Alan Parson Project mentioned in
Chapter 42 , 2012 Biography of a Time Traveler


“Early during the Kin 9 Moon year on Kin 26 we went to Greece to
visit family and have some relaxing days with the children on the
beach. For consecutive 7 days I would take a “timeout” from family
responsibility`s and listen to the complete 7 Day Syncronotron Seminar
on Audio Files. The Seminar happened from Kin 46 to Kin 52 during
Kin 4 Year, 2009 at the Babaji Ashram in Cisternino, Italy. On the 3rd
day ( Kin 48 ) Jose speaks about Sirius and the Knowledge Book , and
recites from Fascicule 19 : Point 1: “ SIRIUS is a double Universe
star. Its emblem is the double Eagle . “ – exactly during this part of
Audio transmission I was lying in a hammock on the Veranda of our
little holiday home when two Eagles circled through the sky. “ Jannis 189

“While listening to Synchronotron Seminar in early 2013 I also received
a very direct communication from above: The day before listening to
the 2Eagle Sirius Emblem Transmission, I decoded my 441 kin
equivalent: KIN 15 2 Eagle … The synchronicity made such an
impression that I decided to look online for that particular Knowledge
Book fascicule, until I found the pdf (below). It was fascicule 19 …
written on 20.10.1986 KIN 15 2Eagle … (See page 187 of pdf…) On
that page there is also a strange phrase: “These words will be written
in Red Pen ” … I use red pen on all my almanacs… :-o!” RuBen 113
~ Excerpts taken from email exchange ~
“The Knowledge Book” ~ 1987 First Month Fascicule No. 19 Page 187

What is the Knowledge Book?


The Single Book to Unite Humanity in the Divine Plan
“The Age of Religion, Sacred Books and Prophets ended on the last day of the 20th
Century. Now, in accordance with the Divine Plan , the 5 Sacred Books of this
previous Age have been replaced by The Single Book (The KNOWLEDGE BOOK), which will unite Humanity under the One Roof. The KNOWLEDGE BOOK incorporates the Knowledge and Frequencies of the 5 Sacred Books (The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Psalms of David, The Koran, and the Philosophies of the Far East) and adds further Knowledge and Frequencies not previously given to Humanity.
The KNOWLEDGE BOOK will serve Humanity for a total of 19 Centuries, and is
destined to be read and studied by 7 million Human Beings.”




( 113 + 189 = 42 )
~~~~ Surfers of the Zuvuya ~~~~

From page 234 (birth of C.G. Jung) to page 244 (Ascension W.v. Braun)

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan K11 with beloved son Josh Arguelles K211 (tomb sign)

n. Path upon which radion travels.
Circuits used by pulsar riders. Cosmic memory.

For the remaining of this transmission we will work with
three (3) Levels of Dates/TimeMarkers :

1. The first is always the DreamSpell/Galactic Maya Count Time Marker and its
5th Force Oracle decoding ( Analog, Guide, Antipode and Occult Powers) .
See page 269 (269-260=9) of the 9 Moon Year Almanac of Synchronicity .
The DreamSpell date is not marked specially because it is the default 4th
dimensional tool we usually work with. It is referenced simply as KIN.

2. The second is the Long Count/Traditional Maya Time Marker , which
corresponds with the current count that Traditional Indigenous Maya Day
Keepers still track and follow. It uses the so called GMT (Goodman,Tompson,
Martinez) correlation in relation to the Gregorian Calendar Timeline. For
differentiation purposes, it is marked as LC.

3. The third is the LCP (Long Count Pratt) which uses the so called Julian Day
Number 584 282 instead of 584 283 (Which does LC above) to reflect the
postulates and theory of John Pratt, renowned Calendar researcher with
degrees in physics and math from the University of Utah, and a Ph.D. in
astronomy from the University of Arizona and other renown Mayan scientists
f.e. on http://www.famsi.org. Much Information regarding the Ancient Maya is
derived from this Webpage and used in this work. You will find many dates
calculated by LCP there. You might imagine it as a >Mystic< overtone Kin.
See also the blogs preceding this one and linked @ The End of this report.

10.26 1987 Kin  126
(Note K126 inside Gregorian Date, during all following)
“ On Sunday night, October 25th , Josh called Jose. He had misplaced the car key to his yellow 1978 Honda that he had inherited as a graduation present from Lloydine. Josh asked Jose if he could send him the spare key. The next morning Jose wrapped the key in a piece of cardboard and enclosed a note. The last words in the note were, “Harmonic Convergence is still happening – look out for the UFO`s” Jose wrote those specific words because he knew that everyone in Josh`s dorm room had heard about the Harmonic Convergence and knew he was Jose`s son. Little did he know that these words would be his last communication with his son.”

Alan Parsons Project Sirius/Eye In The Sky

(10.26. 2008 Video upload: Kin 251 Blue Self Existing Monkey )

~~~~ 27 YEARS LATER ~~~~

10.26. 2014 Kin 101
Jannis visits the Munich Mineral Show “Treasures from Space”, guiding him to find
and have contact with Meteorite “EN21022012” (name/designation given due to the
Gregorian date of its arrival to Earth: February 21, 2012, hence 21.02.2012 or
>>>21022012<<< corresponding to the 11th Palindrome Date of the 21 st Century .)
21.02.2012 corresponded to Kin 164. The day before RuBen visited OMSI
Observatorium in Portland, Oregon to watch “Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon”
Laser Show. He also has contact with some asteroid samples while visiting.

At this point we add the Kin Numbers from each year ( 126 and 101 ) which are
exactly 27 Solar years apart on the same Gregorian date:

Kin 126 + 101 = 227 (6th Moon of current Solar Moon Year )
1st Day of 6th Moon: Kin 149
● Kin 149 LCP Resurrection of Jesus Christ
● Kin 227: Signature of Chan Bhalum, first born son of Pacal Votan Kin 227
● Kin 227: 124 + 103 (current combined signatures of Jannis 189 + RuBen 113)
● Kin 227: Combined Signature 185+113+189 =227
22/7= π :: Noosphere Day :: Mary Magdalene Feast :: Warrior’s Cube Journey 7/22

* * * * * * * * *

10.27. 1987 Kin 127
“On October 27th , Jose and Lloydine handed in their resignation at the Vajradhatu Buddhist Center, stating that they would no longer be paying dues. Jose had felt this coming for a long time. The Buddhist community did not support his work, and he felt that remaining in the organization was far too limiting. A planetary healing bodhisattva should be free to operate in the world without any kind of religious jargon. He knew he had to break out of the box. Later that day they caught a plane to New Mexico where they had a successful Meeting with Barbara and Gerry Clow of Bear and Company coming to a higher understanding regarding the publishing of the Mayan Factor.”

~~~~ 27 YEARS LATER ~~~~

10.27. 2014 Kin 102
Liberation of Spirit. Jannis finds out about Yogananda Kin 102 , John Pratt, the
584 282 Correlation and many dates in the life of Pacal Votan. Further on he is
surprised that on Chan Bhalum Kin 227 was made royal heir on Kin
102 too, which corresponds to LC 243 and >>> 14.6.641 <<< ( Happy Palindrome
Day in European Date Notation) Note that: Antipode/Challenge for Kin 113 is 243.
The royal heir celebration happened exactly 1928 Tzolkin`s earlier before Kin 102
on 10.27.2014. RuBen starts his journey back to Colombia exactly 15 years from having left his homeland to live in the US on October 27, 1999 ~ KIN 87 9Hand .

Kin 127 + 102 = 229 (8th Rhythmic Moon of current Solar Moon Year )
1st Day of 8th Moon Kin 205
● LC Signature of Valum Votan Kin 205
● Jannis next Solar Return as KIN 229, during Moon 229, during Galactic Moon on
03.03 .2015

* * * * * * * * *

10.28. 1987 KIN 128
“The day before Josh`s death, on October 28th , Jose and Lloydine were in Santa Fe with
Jamie Sams, creator of Medicine Cards. Jamie gave Jose a recording of an operatic rock
artist, Steve Gaines, from Los Angeles. Late in the afternoon on October 28th , their friend D.Treadwell drove them to the airport. On the ride, they listened to Jamie`s tape. One song that stood out in the mix was called “Starseed . It proved to be quite prophetic with its
lyrics: “Starseed comes thrice splitting the indigo night” On the drive to the Airport they looked into the sky and noticed it was filled with ship clouds, an especially big
one hovered over Santa Fe. “That one is called the Excalibur ”, Treadwell remarked.
Jose listened to the tape much after Josh`s death. He knew Josh K211 was the Starseed. On the
other side of the Tape was the equally prophetic …

… ”The Eagle will rise Again” by
Alan Parson Project.”
And so with no warning, no last goodbye
In the dawn of the morning sky
The eagle will rise again …

● Kin 128 Analog of Kin 11 Valum Votan
● Kin 128 GS of Daniel Pinchbeck (Author of “Biography of a Time Traveler” Prologue)
● Kin 128 LC Signature of Stephanie South
● Kin 128 Combined Kin of the MeteoriteS::Seeds 164+224 = 128
● Kin 128 Occult of Jannis LCP 133
● Part of Triplet 128 : 218 : 812
● Kin128: Occult relevance of this KEY frequency was signaled by
RuBen 113 on an email written to Jannis 189 exactly during 128 Occult
watch of Kin 133 as preparation for their first conference call on Earth:
On Kin 134 (Ascension of Nicholas Roerich) the first Skype Call between
113 and 189 happened and one day later on Kin 135 113 sends EMail
to 189 containing the following Information:

“Yesterday, during 126 (42 x3) watch I decided to read 19/260 chapter, but
while quickly scanning the pages looking for that chapter I saw the date
October 29/1987 “jumping” to my attention on page 211 and stopped there
to read…. Then I noticed that it was a message from VV … It is the date his
son Josh died… Josh was kin 211 3Monkey ( 11.3 ). He died 10.29.1987 K129
12 Moon … the day before: 10.28.87 11Star K128 was my 15th Solar
RetURn… Perfect Analog of K11 and the code that ignited this email

In the above recited Email
113 refers to Chapter 23 “Another Brick in the
Wall” page 211 of Time,Synchronicity and Calendar Change by Stephanie
South Kin 185 . The first sentence of this Chapter is an excerpt of the Arcturus
“What appears to be our story is also your story. Your story is a simple
one: How do you overcome death fear?”

Note that 113 being on a Trip back to his Homeland Columbia had the above
mentioned Biography of Jose with him,
while 189 initially suggested to 113 reading into the Document: “The Holy
Quran and the Law of Time: 19 = 260 “An Investigation of the Mathematical Cosmology Unifying the Holy Quran and the Science of Fourth-Dimensional Time as Decoded from the Tomb of Pacal Votan” 19=260
The sentence above about Josh on page 211 ( Josh is Kin 211 ) was the trigger
for 189 to take the “2012 Biography of a Time Traveler” and search for the
Chapter where Josh Kin 211 dies. As soon he noticed that this was Chapter
42 which is 113+189 it was clear that there was much more….
128 became since then a “TRIGGER CODE” of this
3x3x3 +27+ 999 Cube Prophecy


~~~~ 27 YEARS LATER ~~~

10.28. 2014 Kin 103
Kin 113 celebrates his 42nd Birthday ( 113+189 = Chapter 42 ) while on
10.28. 1987 the day before Josh`s death he had his 15th ( 2 Eagle ) Solar
Return. 113 is now living his Kin 103 year + 189 living his Kin 124 year that add to
Kin 227: current Rhythmic Moon and the Dreamspell Kin of Chan Valum , Pacal Votan`s first born son.
During the 1st watch of Kin 103 RuBen writes to Stephanie informing her on his last
written reports about the Time Portals opening, specially the “Soular Eclipse in
Venus + Monster Sunspot 2192 ” and “Time Portal Loop from October 21st, 4772 ”
(RetURn date of Pacal Votan). (NOTE: While he was writing this report on Kin 96
( 113 + 243 ), Stephanie was announcing him as Director of Banner of Peace Comittee for FLT on her blog.) Email was sent at 6:03 AM. RQ commented on this event on her reply from Kin 108 :
“Look! You sent this at 6:03birthof Pacal Votan!“

As a Scorpio with Antarean Star memories, when he received that day the news of the Cygnus Antares rocket explosion, he somehow knew that this event was
probably a time ripple coming from a very distant place in time and space, and that it
was connected to his return to Colombia. The return to his original roots …


Kin 128 + 103 = 231 (10th Planetary Moon of current Solar Moon Year )
1st Day of 8th Moon: KIN 1
● KIN 1: THIRD BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE out of the 4 consecutive Lunar
Eclipses for 2014-2015
● One (1) Galactic Spin since Bavarian Crop Circle with 3 Circles as Banner of
Peace appeared on Kin 1
● Three (3) Galactic Spins ( 780 days) since first recorded written
communication exchange between 113 and 189 on February 13, 2013

* * * * * * * * *

10.29 . 1987 Kin 129
“On the morning of October 29, 1987, Jose woke up at 6.00 a.m. He said he needed to consult the I-Ching regarding the Idea of going on a retreat. He got Hexagram 23, “Splitting
Apart”, changing to hexagram 2, “the Receptive”. The answer was obvious: He should stop his activities for a while to renew himself and to find the way to his next stage of development. … At 7 a.m., Jose went back downstairs to take Tara to school. As he opened the door, he found a police officer and a women standing at the doorstep. Before he could say anything the police officer spoke: “ I don`t know how else to say this, but at 2:35 this morning southbound from Fort Collins on 125 at mile marker 266 , your son Josh and his friend Mike Buddington were instantly killed in a headon collision.” Jose, Tara and Lloydine all let out a wail of disbelief and grief. As it turned out, the women with the police officer was a grief counselor. They had been waiting in the parking lot for the right moment when they knew everyone would be up and around. Jose recalled that he had
awakened suddenly that night and looked at his digital clock, which read 2:35 a.m., exactly. And then he went back to sleep.”

● 2:35 am is Kin 235 Blue Magnetic Eagle Josh starts to fly.
● Southbound from Fort Collins on 125. In the Morning he consults the I-Ching and gets the Card Hexagram 23 “Splitting Apart” changing to Hexagram 2 “ the Receptive” … 23+2 is25 .● 101 to 126 – 25 , 102 to 127 -25, 103 to 128 – 25
● ….at mile marker 266 (266-260 = Kin 6 “Number of Made Man” Everybody on this planet is born through sex (Kin 5 Chiccan/Serpent) and ultimately has to die (Kin 6 Cimi/Scull) The WorldBridger symbolized through the Skull.
● Josh is Kin 211 or written 11.3 Monkey 11 Tone 3
Kin 129 LCP Signature of Stephanie South,
● Kin 129 VV and RQ arrive to Baghdad, Iraq while on a Peace Vigil Tour,
Galactic Signature of G.W. Bush Kin 129
● Kin 129 Occult Kin of Jannis LC 132 signature *Tomb Sign
● Kin 129: RuBen 113 posts comment on Jannis 189 blog “Time Bang!” and
links it to “ Planetary Healing Doctor Open Letter ”in reference to 133 as
code name for “The Retrieval of the Divine Plan” .
(NOTE: Today Kin 137 as I ( 189 ) write these words is the 129th day of the 13
Moon Calendar and the 109th day of the 812 days to Solar Consciousness.
On Kin 109 the 13 Moon Almanac of the 9 Moon year which 113 helped designing was
sent from Colombia arrived to my address here in Germany. Also I was
“ called back ” to the Law of Time during Kin 109 year (2010/2011)

~~~~ 27 YEARS LATER ~~~

10.29. 2014 Kin 104
● 10.29 RuBen 113 creates a special chat room on Facebook to discuss
current planetary events with 222 and 189 , and names it

“Lost Worlds
Memory Repair Room”


Kin 129 + 104 = 233 (12th Crystal Moon of current Solar Moon Year )
1st Day of 12th Moon: Kin 57
● Kin 57 Tomb Sign and LCP of RuBen Kin 113

* * * * * * * * *

10.30. 1987 Kin 130
“Around 5:00 that evening, Jose and Lloydine and Carl Springer, who would conduct the
funeral ceremony the following day, went to the funeral home to view Josh`s unembalmed
body. Jose expected that, because Josh had been in a car accident, he would see some kind of mangled figure. What he saw was anything but that. Josh was laid out on a table covered in a sheet with his head exposed. Jose was surprised to see Josh`s face completely intact with just a small cut above his left eye. A powerful radiance seemed to emanate from his face; it was palpable upon entering the room. The expression on Josh`s face made him look as though he was still present, but just ever so slightly troubled. Jose kissed him on the forehead and said, “Thank you, Josh.” He had last seen his son 12 days earlier, when he had come to Boulder for a visit. … In the funeral service for Joshua Maitreya Arguelles, a sword, a bottle of beer, a steak, and his favorite shoes were placed in the coffin. The idea was that the items most familiar and or cherished by the deceased would accompany him on the journey of the dead until he reaches the place of paradise, known as Valhalla in the Germanic tradition or as the Thirteen Heavens in the Mexican tradition. At the end of the Ceremony, six of Josh`s closest friends loaded the coffin onto their shoulders and carried his body out to be cremated. All of the items placed in the coffin were consumed in the fire as well.”

~~~~ 27 YEARS LATER ~~~

10.30. 2014 Kin 105
189, 113 and 222 continue their conversation on “Lost Worlds Memory Repair
Room”. On the Traditional Maya Count KIN 105 corresponded to KIN 58 – ascension Pacal Votan. Conversation spins around asteroids, Chintamani Stone, Mystery of the Stone
and the Kabbah. 113 sends 9 Moon Almanac to 189 in Germany.

Kin 130 + 105 = Kin 235 1st Magnetic Moon 10 Wizard Year
1st Day of Magnetic Moon: Kin 114
● Kin 114 is next Solar Year
● Kin 114 ( 185+189 )
● 114 Suras inside Quran
● Kin 235 “Time marker” of ascension 2:35 a.m. Josh 211

* * * * * * * * *

10.31. 1987 Kin 131
“In a period of four weeks, Jose`s life had come to a synchronistic head that indicated radical change in all directions. He was no longer a formal Buddhist; he was no longer a literary personality for someone`s else publishing company; and he no longer had a son. Emotionally bankrupt, Jose took a sabbatical for a few month from the Union Graduate school, and he and Lloydine immediately entered into a 49day bardo retreat. … Thirty-nine
days after Josh`s death, Jose made a visit to the meditation hall, where Josh`s
ashes sat in the center of the altar in a Chinese cloisonné vase with a blue dragon on it, to
pay tribute to his son. Around the vase that contained his ashes were several pictures of
deceased Buddhist meditation masters, including the 16th Karmapa, Chögyam Trungpa
Rinpoche, and Zen master Suzuki Roshi. Jose was amazed to see that in the middle of all
these Tibetan and Buddhist meditation masters was the high school graduation photo of his son, Josh. At this sight, Jose received what he felt to be a clear, past-life
image of Josh as a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who was killed by American soldiers. His very last thought was to be reborn as an American boy so that he could teach others, through his love, the meaning of death. At this point, Jose learned never to pass judgment on anyone because you never really know just who it is that you are talking to.”

~~~~ 27 YEARS LATER ~~~

10.31. 2014 Kin 106
Samhain/All Hollows Eve/All Saints Eve
Kin 106 Lunar Worldbridger: Single northern Tomb Sign LC Chan
Valum aka Radiant Serpent Jaguar opposite Birth 60 and Ascension 58 of
Pacal Votan on the southern Tomb lid side. (Note that Pacal Votan is Dreamspell Kin 189 according to LCP )
● Kin 106 Tomb Sign (10.31.2014) the Virgin Galactic Spaceship of the 7th
richest Person of the UK and owner of Virgin Group Richard Branson Kin 41
Red Lunar Dragon crashed during a Test flight showing again the limitations
of Technology and proofing that the “Path beyond Technology” (Subtitle of Mayan Factor) is the only possible way for Humanity. Note that Branson was born 07.18. 1950 exactly
64 years prior to 07.18. 2014 the day the Bavarian Banner of Peace Crop Circle appeared.


● Kin 106 Tomb Sign (10.31.2014) Somewhere in a Hospital in Munich Twins
are born, which for the parents were the second Twins within nearly one
year. They had already Twins born on Kin 245 Tomb Sign nearly one year
prior. 2x 106 +2x 245 = 702 Year of the Ascension of Chan Valum and reverse of Kin 207, Baktun End 0 or 21.12.2012. Days later on Kin 118 , Jannis who works partially as a ( Lord Ah Vuc Ti ) Cab driver, fetched the mother of the Twins during the Occult Watch 143
(441 Kin Eq VV ) of Kin 118 , from Winegrower Street 144 . She was about to
visit the grandparents with the 106 Twins and told him about her 2×2 = 4
Baby`s during the Cab ride. Also on this day Kin 118 Philae landed on
Comet P67 . For the first time ever humanity managed to land a Satellite on a
Comet Millions of Miles away in deep Space. Earlier on this day 189 posted


Source Wikipedia: “The VSS Enterprise (tail number : N339SS ) was the first SpaceShip Two (SS2), built by Scaled Composites for Virgin Galactic. As of 2004, it was planned to be the first of five commercial suborbital SS2 spacecraft planned by Virgin Galactic.  The spaceplane also shared its name with NASA’s prototype space shuttle , as well as the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise . It was rolled out on 7 December 2009.” KIN 138 Excalibur

Kin 131 + 106 = Kin 237 3rd Electric Moon 10Wizard Year
1st Day of 3rd Moon: Kin 170
● 3rd Moon is analog of 3 Moon ~ Kin 29 or 9.3 : The starting time marker of
28x 29 = 812 Days to Solar Consciousness

● Start Wavespell of Love Kin 170

> Polarity of death-fear is overcome <

Martian Time Tunnel repaired

“The Traditional Mayan name of Palenque is Bak, which in
nearly all languages of Central America means, skull,
bone and at the same time seed.”

2 SCULL ARTwork by Jannis 1993


The synchronic events experienced during this 27YEAR TimeLoop
ignited in 189 and 113 a search for a the deeper understanding of all numerical aspects
surrounding the 27 CODE frequency, specially since this current New Sirius Cycle 27
is coded with the energy of Seal 9, Tone 9, Kin 9 (9+9+9= 27 ). As part of this
memory retrieval process, the following excerpt from RINRI Newsletter condensed
the most relevant background behind the unfolding storyline…


243 Unit 9 x 27 Grid ARTwork by Jannis made in OZ, 1999, preceding a 442 Matrix.
Note that the Numbers: 18, 27,45, 54, 72, 99, 108,117,144,189, 234 and 243 are all
Multiples of Nine ( 9 )

“I shall return as a frequency,
and by my frequency shall you know me!”

While meditating on these words sent by 189 and the magical events that were
transpiring associated to his antipode frequency, 113 noticed that 243 can also be
expressed as 3 to the power of the 5th Force, or as:
The Fifth Force Oracle

x 3 x
3 3 3
x 3 x
3x3x3x3x3 = 243

“One metaphor to describe the fifth force oracle is that if the galactic signature is the
fourth dimensional flower bud , then the Fifth Force Oracle is the shimmering flower
blossom .

What is the Fifth Force ?
“Contemporary science describes four major forces in the universe : strong, weak,
electromagnetic and gravitational. The Fifth Force , then, is the one that binds them all
together , it is the synchronic G-Force, sometimes called the ether, or akasha . It is the force which synchronizes the Universe . Every galactic gateway as you know has a solar seal and galactic tone, but also packed inside is the dense synchronic power of the G-Force
it is the purpose of the Fifth Force Oracle to tap into this deeper cyclical pattern and to amp up the level of meaning that can be gleaned from each galactic gateway, and more!”

Trinity to the 5th Force 3high5 is then reverse analog of 5th Force to the Cube 5high3
and also complimentary analog of 53 Sirian ReBirth
as well as of KIN 185 Red Electric Serpent 5.3

113 then also remembered that his visit to Rennes Le Chateu in France occurred on
May 3rd, ( 5.3 .2014) on 5.3 ~ K185 Dreamspell Count and that Berenguer Saunier,
priest who built the Magdalene Tower was KIN 53 .

In the meanwhile, 189 noted that he celebrated his 27th birthday on
03.03 .2002, Kin 164, (same as Galactic Synchronization 07.26.2013, and same as
Meteorite EN 21022012) while Valum Votan was honored “Closer of the Cycle ”
by 9 Indigenous Elders atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. The
Heart of Nine 3×9 = 27 holds the same frequency as 243 Blue Solar Night Antipode of 113.


This past 11. 27 .2014 ~ KIN 133 with Occult Power/4th
Watch KIN 128 was when 113 wrote to 189 about the importance of this occult
frequency based on the revelation that occurred that day right during this 128 watch:
The discovery of Werner von Braun ’s March 23 , 1912 birthdate, same as Pacal
Votan Birth and as Valum Votan Ascension. A few days later, 189 realized that it
corresponded also to the 62 year anniversary of the day when the Jade Mask was
revealed on 11. 27 .1952 ~ KIN 123 (analog of 243 when expressed in Vigesimal
Code as 12.3 )

● It was on 12.31.13 KIN 62 , last day of the 20:13 year when Stephanie South’s
posted the blog “Who is Votan”. ” Kin 62: White Planetary Wind . The
tone of manifestation in the Prophecy Wavespell.”
● KIN 62 is also the Code for the First of Three Bavarian Crop Circles which
lie exactly in one straight line and depict the time of Pacal Votan’s birth to his
accession to the throne, which is 12,34 Kilometers/Years.

Balun (Valum) Votan, the 9th of the Votans

“In these fragments the genealogy of Votan is traced 42 generations back to
“Cham”, a descendent of Noah who arrived in the New World. “




“42 ( forty-two) is the natural number immediately following 41 [Interval of God] and
directly preceding 43 . The number has received considerable attention in popular
culture as a result of its central appearance in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
as the ” Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything “. Wikipedia

As a SkyWalker fan of the book “ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ” and intrigued
by the recurrent emergence of the 42 Code , while doing some extra research on this
frequency, 113 discovers other powerful esoteric aspects related to it:

“There are 42 principles of Ma’at , the Ancient Egyptian personification
of physical and moral law, order, and truth . In the judgment scene
described in the Egyptian and the Book of the Coming/Going Forth by Day
(the Book of the Dead (which evolved from the Coffin Texts and the
Pyramid Texts )), there are 42 gods and goddesses of Egypt ,
personifying the principles of Ma’at . These 42 correspond to the 42 Nomes
(Governmental Units) of Egypt. If the departed successfully answers all 42 ,
s/he becomes an Osiris .”
“42 is the number with which God creates the Universe in Kabbalistic
tradition . In Kabbalah, the most significant name is that of the En Sof (also
known as ” Ein Sof “, “Infinite” or “Endless”), who is above the Sefirot
(sometimes spelled ” Sephirot “). [14] The Forty Two Lettered
Name contains four combined names which are spelled in Hebrew letters (spelled in
letters = 42 letters), which is the name of Azilut (or ” Atziluth ” ” Emanation “).
While there are obvious links between the Forty Two
Lettered Name of the Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbalah’s FortyTwo
Lettered Name, they are probably not identical because of the Kabbalah’s emphasis on
numbers. The Kabbalah also contains a Forty Five Lettered Name and a
Seventy Two Lettered Name.”
In 1966, mathematician Paul Cooper theorized that the fastest, most
efficient way to travel across continents would be to bore a straight hollow
tube directly through the Earth , connecting a set of antipodes , remove
the air from the tube and fall through. [7] The first half of the journey
consists of free fall acceleration, while the second half consists of an
exactly equal deceleration. The time for such a journey works out to be 42
minutes . Even if the tube does not pass through the exact center of the
Earth, the time for a journey powered entirely by gravity (known as a
gravity train ) always works out to be 42 minutes, so long as the tube
remains friction free, as while the force of gravity would be lessened, the
distance traveled is reduced at an equal rate. [8] [9] (The same idea was
proposed, without calculation by Lewis Carroll in 1893 in Sylvie and Bruno
Concluded . [10] )
● “42 is the angle rounded to whole degrees for which a rainbow appears
(the critical angle).”


137+ 84 = 53

4242 + 530 (10x 53)

10th POWER OF manifestation x 1 REED 1 BEN  Quetzalcoatl =


And probably the most intriguing of all:

“Given 27 same-size cubes whose nominal values progress from 1 to 27 , a
3×3×3 magic cube can be constructed such that every row, column, and
corridor, and every diagonal passing through the center, is composed of 3
cubes whose sum of values is 42 .”
Note also that Stephanie South will/has become 42 years old on 1.08 .2015. Happy Birth Day! 🙂
113 then intuited that the 27 :42 Cube was extending an invitation to dive into it, in
order to get deeper understanding of its relevance and hidden messages.
During the morning of KIN 144 , another confirmation arrived via 189 with the image
of a Crop Circle depicting a 3x3x3 Cube. The formation appeared on 07/06/2010,
KIN 89 , as a synchronic nod ;)
from Valum Votan exactly one spin before March 23 2011 , the ascension date. As if not enough this day was according to LCP
rearranged Long Count KIN 42 !!!


On KIN 145 ( 117 /812 ~ 137 /364 days of current Solar Cycles) and exactly 42 days
after his latest Solar RetURn as KIN 103 , 113 decided to deconstruct the 42 : 27 Cube
and build a 3D model to explore the significance of 42 as a frequency associated
with the CORE of the 441 Cube Matrix as the “Tesseract”:
117 : CORE of 9 TIME Dimensions V11H11. Occult Power Frequency 144 : 441 Revelation
137 : Lord Ah Vuc Ti Cab: CORE of the Earth . Occult Power Frequency 124 ( 113 + 11
and 189 current year) and Start date of this transcript.

The conclusions of this exploration arrived during KIN 15 2Eagle Watch and will be
presented in more detail on a separate report but they can be summarized in the
following numerical representation:
42: 15 :: 441: 117
42-15 = 1x 27 :: 441-117 = 324 (12x 27 )
1 : 12 ratio implosion
(where 12 = cubic root of New Jerusalem 12x12x12)

We might perceive time as linear with our limited Sense/Mind Organs, but in
reality it is a merging of different timelines. This Document is a proof that all People and Events, all of Reality is connected through the Synchronic Order, and the Law of Time makes conscious what was previous unconscious. We might notice this or not, it is a law like Gravitiy is one.

On Kin 77 (03.11.2011) the day of the Japanese Mind/Earthquake/Tsunami
during the Kin 66 World-Bridger WS Jannis was called back and calculated
a Kin/Day for the first time after a 9 Year long break . He had been following
the 13 Moon Calendar and Codes actively between Mai 1998 until around
2002, but then dropped the >Mayan Stuff< due to personal reasons. The
reactivation on Kin 77 happened 12 days before the ascension of Jose on
Kin 89 (03.23.2011) LCP 42 ! Jose was in Retreat staying in a house
northwest of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia when leaving this 3rd dimensional
planet. 13 years earlier in Spring 1998 Jannis was traveling through Australia
and went to a Rainbow Gathering in Omeo northeast of Melbourne, Victoria.
There he first was initiated into the Dreamspell and Codes of the Galactic
Mayan Knowledge probably around Fullmoon Febr 11 K244 or March 13 K14 .
Around the same time, during the 1st Year of 16 Cube Years on 10th of Mai
1998, Kin 72 , several thousand miles away in the US Jose met his apprentice
Stephanie South and talked to her for the first time on the 28th Whole Earth
Festival . Kin 72 Yellow Resonant Human has the Occult Frequency of Kin
189 . While Kin 189 has occult frequency Kin 72 . The ascension of Valum Votan happened only a few miles and 13 Years away from where 189 got his very  first initiation.



”The 2 World-Bridger Kin 106 on the North edge is the Key because it is
the only sign there and refers to the destruction of Mars …”
(Master Synchronic Code Book p.44)

Mayan Archeologists report that Pacal Votan had together with his wife Tz-akbu Ajaw probably up to three (3)
sons/ seeds:

1. K’inich Chan Bahlum II. (* 635; † 702)
2. K’inich K’an Joy Chitam II. (* 644; † about 721)
3. Tiwol Chan Mat (* Unknown; † Not Certain) & K`inich Ahkal Mo`Nahb III
(* 678; † about 730)

First Son/Seed:
Chan Valum :: Radiant Snake Jaguar

Chan Valum stucco relief from Nah Chan

Birth : LC Kin 106 , DS Kin 227 Greg. 05.20.635
Royal Heir : LC Kin 243 DS Kin 102 Greg. 06.14.641
Accession : LC Kin 190 DS Kin 39 Greg.01.07.684
Ascension : LC Kin 45 / 46 * DS Kin 150 / 151 Greg. 02. 17/18 . 702

* The 45 / 46 is a Main Code of this Prophecy, and links it to the retURn of Pacal Votan in
the year 4772 Dreamspell 45 / 46 … we will report …

Chan Valum DS 227 + LC 106 = 333

Sync-Chrono-Tron on first view after publishing: 333 persons reached, Noosphere shared …


To his son Chan Balum fell his Earthly kingdom, but only by command of his father the great Pacal. For Pacal was of a matrilineal descent, the right restorer and inheritor of the primal mother lineage and, hence, of the divine command. But the son was of Pacal, and not of matrilineal descent, and so, in compensation, Chan Balum and his successors glorified by inscription the sign of the primal mother of the dynasty, Bolon Ik. And since to the sons fell the rule, and Bolon Ik was yet again in power, but only as devised by men, the spiritual lineage was to be established elsewhere. And here is how Pacal did it.

Two years before his disincarnation in 681 in nearby Yaxchilan, the Great Pacal recognized Jaguar Shield of Yaxchilan to be another four katun (80-year) lord. Thus spoke Pacal to Jaguar Shield: “To you will fall the duty of giving recognition to my true spiritual legacy, which must be of a woman so that I may fulfill my vow prior to incarnating: from woman I come and through woman I go. May it be so!” The successor will be known to you as the Lady Kabal Xok. She it is who is to be my spiritual heir. You will give her the rites of ordination, but from me shall come the telepathic transmission. She will thus flower as a seer of incomparable power. She shall be allowed to build a tomb in the temple next to mine and to be recognized as a jade mask. No higher recognition can any seer receive. And though her tomb will be close by mine, it shall be unadorned by name for naked shall be the Red Queen’s wisdom.

Galactic Meditation – Entering the Synchronic Order by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan (2003)
(34 pages – thank you Agent 34!)


Maya site of Yaxchilan (Mexico). Classic period. Lintel 24 of Structure 23 depicting a bloodletting ritual: Lady Xook, wife of king Shield jaguar II drawing blood. From the British Museum.

The first born one of Tz-akbu Ajaw and Pacal Votan

Chan Valum (Chan/Kan Bahlum)
LC 106 Lunar WorldBridger* (Tomb Sign)
LCP DS KIN 227 ( 113+189+185 )
corresponds also to 124 + 103 = 227 ( 189 and 113 this year)

Chan Valum ascended the throne 132 (tomb sign) days (01.07.684) after the ascension
of his father Pacal Votan on LC 58 / Dreamspell LCP KIN 167 08.28.683.
Note that Chan Valum `s accession to the throne of Nah Chan on Jan. 07th 684
was recently commemorated by the exact 1331 Solar Ring anniversary ( is
the Vigesimal Code of 4th Dimensional 441 Grid).
● Kin 132 Tomb Sign is the Mayan Long Count signature of Jannis.
● The accession of Chan Valum to the throne in Nah Chan was 12:89
(One-thousand-two-hundred-eighty-nine) Solar Years + 1 Day earlier to the
birth of the Stephanie South on 01.08. 1973.

  • In the 13 Moon Year , there are 133
    days from the ascension of Pacal Votan (Aug. 28), to the birth of Stephanie South (Jan. 08) She will/has become 42 years old during this Kin 9 year.
    ● Jan. 8th also corresponds to the 167th day of the 13 Moon Year . (26.07. +
    166) This resonates with the Tomb Dedication on Kin 167
    according to LC. While according to LCP the marker happened on
    Dreamspell Kin 166 ( 113+53 and 60 + 106 )
    ● The enthronement of Chan Valum happened on LC 189,
    Dreamspell Kin 39 . While according to LCP this was Kin 190 189+1, Dreamspell Kin 40.
  • 14599905_10207757900250119_897040143_o
  • Kin 132 Tomb Sign is the Long Count signature of 189 . While Kin 133 is
    his LCP Signature. He is currently 39 years old and will start the 40th Solar
    Ring on V24.3 Planet Earth on Kin 229 during Moon 229 during the Galactic Moon.
  • Chan Valum`s job was to complete the Palace of Inscriptions with the enigmatic
    tomb of his father inside from 683 until 692 A.D. Arcturus Dominion Beside this he built the so called Temple of the Cross group, with (3) three panels inside, strikingly similar to the tomb lid symbology. Also completed on We will report …


The 9 year window from ascension Pacal 683 to dedication of his tomb 692 corresponds in fractal analogy to the ascension of Jose
Arguelles in 2011 until 2020. 2019/2020 will be a  Kin 14 year which is also the
Enthronement Dreamspell Kin of Pacal Votan and which ends with Day out of
Time Kin 118 (60 +58).



The year 2020 will be

1328 years since

the dedication of the tomb

of Pacal Votan in 692



Second Son/Seed:
Kan Xul :: Kinich Joy Chitam :: Precious tied Peccary

Birth : LC Kin 180 , DS Kin 38 ( 113+185 ) Greg. 02.11 .644
Accession : LC Kin 148 “Arcturus Star Command” (same as retURn
of P.V .) DS Kin 253 , Greg. 05.31.702
Ascension: Not Known. (maybe he is still alive 🙂 137 (0) years old.)

Schele Number 124 (Year Kin 189 and 113 + 11)

Description: ”Palace tablet (detail of figures only). the central figure is k’inich k’an joy
chitam ii, flanked by his parents (on the left is k’inich janaab pakal and on the right, lady
tz’akbu ajaw ). The figures sit on benches associated with the three stones of creation.
Pakal holds a drum major headdress with a jester god diadem. Lady tz’akbu ajaw, wearing a jade skirt, displays a bowl containing a personified eccentric flint and flayed face shield.”
http://research.famsi.org/schele_list.php?_allSearch=panels&tab=schele title=Schele+Drawing+Collection

When Chan Valum died in the Year 702  his younger brother Kan
Xul II , then 57 years old ( 57 Tomb Sign (19×3) , succeeded him 103 days later.
Kan Xul was also known as Kinich Kán Joy Chitam . NOTE: RuBen 113 just
became Kin 103 this year and his signature is according to LCP KIN 57.

Third Son/Seed:
Prince Tiwol Chan Mat

Scientists report the following about the supposed third son of Pacal Votan:
” The three brothers—K’inich Kan Bahlam, K’inich K’an Joy Chitam and Tiwol Chan
Mat—stand side by side. (Stucco Relief Temple VIII 18) Kan Bahlam and K’an Joy
Chitam are identifiable by their childhood names, while all three are labeled ch’ok
“prince”. The figure seated before them as the focus of the scene is almost certainly
their father, K’inich Janaab Pakal, for a caption text conveys words that are being
spoken to him: “You are satisfied, you put them in order”. In other words, Pakal is
presiding over a ceremony in which he has established the order of succession from
brother to brother.” Source: http://mesoweb.com/encyc/index.asp?passcall=rightframeexact&rightframeexact=htt p%3A%2F%2Fmesoweb.com%2Fencyc%2Fview.asp%3Fact%3Dviewexact%26vie w%3Dnormal%26word%3DIII%26wordAND%3DKinich+Ahkal+Mo+Nahb

Little is known about Prince Tiwol Chan Mat but with much certainty he never ruled
as a King in Palenque and died very young when his own son and successor
Chacaal III was only a child. In 1999 Archeologists found a Stucco relief in Temple XIX (19) and through this were able to derive much Information about the next Palenque ruler. It seems that after the capture of Kinich Kan Joy Chitam II through the neigbouring city State of Tonina, Palenque was for a 10 year period without ruler:
“ The rulership of Ahkal Mo’ Nab’ comes ten years after the capture of K’inich K’an
Hoy Chitam II, the second son of Pakal the Great, by the neighboring polity of
Tonina. We know that Palenque’s ruler was captured by the enemy because he is
shown on a Tonina monument bound like a prisoner. But we do not know his exact
fate. Was he tortured and sacrificed immediately, or was he allowed to live on in
captivity for as long as a decade in order to disrupt the Palenque rulership? There is
precedent in Classic Maya history for both sequences of events.
The capture of K’an Hoy Chitam was clearly a shock to Palenque’s dynasty, and the
ten year period between the capture and the accession of Ahkal Mo’ Nab’ III has
been referred to by Peter Mathews as Palenque’s “midlife crisis”. It would seem that
Palenque not only survived this crisis but, under the rulership of Ahkal Mo’ Nab’,
regained, at least for a time, former glories. Architecturally, Temple XIX (19) was the
most ambitious structure ever built at Palenque. Its frontage is the longest of any
building at the site.”

Chacaal III :: Kinich Ahkal Mo Nab III:: Akul Anab III
Radiant Turtle Macaw Lake

Birth : LC Kin 68 , DS Kin 178 Greg. 09.13.678
Accession : LC Kin 22 , DS Kin 122 Greg. 12.31.721
Ascension : About 730

You may read about Kinich Ahkal Monab III and the Ah Kal Balam (the one
knower of Totality) also in the great book Time, Synchronicity and Calendar
Change by Stephanie South . Chapter 25 p. 229.




The THREE HEART STONES , in fact, represent a TRIANGLE formed by 3 STARS
in what we (the Western civilization) know as the ORION Constellation M 42 or
“The Hunter”.( ORION : example of a stellar nursery where new stars are being born)
These STARS are:
• RIGEL (Betha Orionis, a BLUE SUPERGIANT and the 6th brightest STAR in the
night sky, about 700 to 900 light years away from Earth. Rigel is Orion’s left foot).
• ALNITAK (Zeta Orinionis, a BLUE SUPERGIANT and part of the TRIPLE STAR
system that forms Orion’s Belt. The TRIPLE STAR system is also known as the
“ String of Pearls ” or “ Las Tres Marias ” in Spanish speaking countries, but formed a
TORTOISE`S SHELL in the MAYA`S perspective, which is one of the constellations
we know they could “see” in the night sky. Alnitak, meaning “the girdle”, is 800 light
years away from Earth and is one of 3 STARS regarded as a HEART H STONE by
the ancient Maya .
• SAIPH (Kappa Orinionis, a BLUE SUPERGIANT and the 6th brightest in the Orion
constellation, derived its name from saif al jabbar, an Arabic phrase that means “the
sword of the giant”.
“…the act of seating the STONES in the TRIANGULAR pattern of the EARTH
created an image on the face of the EARTH and in the SKY at the same time…”
A TRIANGLE is formed by these THREE HEART H STONES and at the center is an
area the MAYA identified as the place of ORIGIN , the seat of CREATION ,
represented by the SMOKE that comes out of the burning FIRE …

The FIRE and SMOKE at the center of the THREE HEART H STONES is a Messier
Object*: M 42 , the name given by Charles Messier to this collection of dust particles
and gas that has the appearance of a star, but is in fact the ORION NEBULA ,
containing about 7 00 stars, in different stages of formation and development. M 42
is at the center of what is known today as the “ ORION ’s SWORD ” located in the
“ ORION Constellation” and is referred to as the ORION nebula… the “fuzzy” star in
the middle of ORION ’s SWORD which is not a star at all. M 42 is perhaps one of the
BRIGHTEST OBJECTS in the NIGHT SKY and is the BRIGHTEST nebula ever to
be recorded. It SHINES with the BRIGHTNESS of a star of the 4 th magnitude and
can be seen with the naked eye in good weather conditions. The Maya could view
M 42 without the need of astronomical devices or facilities, such as telescopes or
observatories just like we do. M 42 is between 1500 and 1600 lightyears away from our planet, EARTH .
• All of the above formed the three HEART STONES which surrounded a BURNING
and SMOKING FIRE . Altogether, these are just below to what the Maya regarded as
“ THE TURTLE ” constellation.
Don´t miss the Original Source and Video Animation @ : http://www.miradorpark.com/ancient.htm

San Juan Hotel, Mexico City, Room No 302 (302-260=42)


Contemplating that this prophetic download and Information is coded into the 42nd Chapter of 2012 Biography of a Time Travelar is a sign of divinely Guidance
and the net-working of the Synchronic Order. Now consider also that the other
Biography Time,Synchronicity and Calendar Change has altogether 42 Chapters:
Here the final Chapter 42 is on page 365 and called:


“Just as electricity runs through everything in the universe, so does
synchronicity which is the telepathic signal system.” Jose Arguelles

“ 42 = 6×7; the sum of these factors is 13 . It was 42 years after Hiroshima (1945) that
the Harmonic Convergence occurred (1987). On Jose`s 42nd birthday, January 24 ,
(Note: reverse of 42 ) 1981, he became aware of Lloydine, Kin 22 on the Dreamspell
count. Just as Jose was 13 years old when the tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered,
so it was that 13 years after his encounter with Lloydine, the tomb of the “Red Queen”
was discovered. (Little did Jose and Stephanie know but then Earthly reunion would
last precisely 13 years, 1998-2011). The “Red Queen’s” tomb was strikingly similar to
that of Pacal Votan , yet it contained no inscriptions. This was the most significant discovery in Palenque since the discovery of the Tomb of Pacal ,
42 years earlier (hence 42 chapters in this biography). “
Excerpt of Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change by Stephanie South


Order both Biography`s directly @ Law of Time Bookstore:


  • “IT IS MORNING once again, or, rather, it is predawn. It is still the first watch of
    the day. Outside there is a full moon. On the Gregorian calendar it is November 1,
    2001, All Soul’s Day, the sequel to Halloween, the day of honoring the dead. In
    another two weeks it will be the New Moon of Ramadan, Islamic lunar year A.H.
    1422. On the Thirteen Moon Synchronometer it is now the fifteenth day of the Self existing Owl Moon, the moon of form, the moon to define, measure, and ask the
    question, “What form will my service take?” Well, my service will be to complete
    this book and prepare it for the world, for now it is the time of the advent of the
    Noosphere, the reality of which Vernadsky said must be communicated to the world’s politicians and statesmen. They didn’t listen then. WIll they listen now? And on the 260-kin synchronization gauge (Tzolkin) it is Kin 42, White Electric Wind. The Wind “communicates spirit,” the Electric tone “activates service.” Start of Chapter 9 (nine) Time and the Technosphere by Jose Arguelles


  • Time and the Technosphere, First Draft Transmission completed,
    Self-existing Owl Moon Dali 15,
    Yellow Solar Seed Year
    Kin 42, White Electric Wind:
    I activate in order to communicate
    bonding breath
    I seal the input of spirit
    with the electric tone of service
    I am ptided by the power of death
    First draft edited, completed, and sealed,
    Overtone Peacock Moon Seli 2,
    Yellow Solar Seed Year
    Kin 57, Red Overtone Earth
    I empower in order to evolve
    commanding synchronicity
    I seal the matrix of navigation
    with the overtone tone of radiance
    I am guided by the power of life force
    Second draft edited, completed, and sealed,
    Rhythmic Lizard Moon, Seli 23, Navigation Tower
    Yellow Solar Seed Year
    Kin 106, White Lunar World-bridger
    Pacal Votan Clear Sign
    I polarize in order to equalize
    stabilizing opportunity
    I seal the store of death
    with the lunar tone of challenge
    I am guided by the power of endlessness
    I am a galactic activation portal
    enter me
    page 194.  The Advent of the Noosphere
  • KIN 42 = 113+189
  • KIN 57 = LCP 113
  • KIN 106= Chan Valum
  • KIN 194 = Detection of tomb of “Red Queen” at Temple XIII

42+57+106=205 LC VV

Kin 20 7 Ahaw is
Tomb sign and Key of housing the Mystery
(Emiliano Zapata Panel 45/46)
Kin 39 / 40 1 Ahaw is
Tomb Sign and Heart of Prophecy
(January 07/08 684/2015)
Kin 211 3 Chuen is
Tomb Sign and Base of Prophecy
(Telektonon Manual p.26)

“The day after the bardo which was around Christmastime in 1987, Jose and Lloydine
traveled to Nova Scotia to visit Tara, who was living with Miriam in Halifax. It was there that Jose found the Shield of Arcturus at a Celtic art store in Halifax. Jose felt that this circular leather shield embossed with brass ornaments was a clear representation of the mayan star symbol, Lamat, which depicts the four points of a star with four smaller circles around these points. …. Jose had always recognized the Lamat symbol as being the sign of the star Arcturus and so he saw this Celtic shield as the shield of Arcturus, indicating the universality of the Mayan galactic Knowledge. …..Josh`s death pierced the bubble of domestic happiness and contentment, plunging Jose into a state of painful catharsis, and from catharsis to inner transformation. It was the beginning of his transition into full embodiment of the Galactic Mayan messenger ship.”




This retURn of
Quetzalcoatl Consciousness
signifies the complete
activation of the
GOD `s
Galactic Ordering Dynamic
power of Prophecy
the 812 days to
Solar Consciousness.
The New era of
Homo Noosphericus
The Second Creation
Powered by the
3x3x3 27 999
Cube Prophecy
which is a side tunnel and incorporates the
4: 7::7: 2
prophecy of retURn
and the
9: 19 :29
prophecy of resurrection.
Channeled through the
triple: Sirius Star
208, 104 through GmX 108 and the
7 I:L:O:N:A Constellations
by the Channel of the
L:O:R:D 160. ( 208+104+108= 160)
Assignment filed and completed by:
GA113 + GA189
Year of the Red Solar Moon
Rhythmic Moon, Alpha 12 (6.12)
KIN160 Yellow Self-Existing Sun
MCF BMU: 108 V11 H2
MCF KE: 131 1Monkey (VV PCU)
Traditional Maya Long Count: 9Ben (KIN 113 )
Long Count 584 282 : 10 Ix (Kin 114 )
( Gregorian Calendar: 12.24.2014 Christmas ev3 )
132 /812 days to Solar Consciousness
152nd Homo Noosphericus Day of Solar Moon Year


Retrieval of the Divine Plan in progress
Homo Noosphericus emergence on the Horizon…


Original Coloring by Valum Votan on Temple of the Cross Stucco relief drawing
depicting Pacal Votan, Chan Valum and Quetzalcoatl.

Thank You for UR time!


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