TIME WARS: The 5th Force Awakens

 by 113 & 189 the 42 Crew

“Some will wonder whether this text is truth or fiction. Truth and fiction are distinctions of the third-dimensional mind alone. To the higher, interdimensional mind, the distinction between truth and fiction does not exist. All parallel universes have equal reality. Whoever reads these words, you are a lamp and a memory unto yourself. You choose according to what you remember, and by the clarity of your own light do you see what to choose. Moment by moment your disposition creates what you become. Cosmic Love is merciless. Take another look at yourself.”

The Arcturus Probe
p. 169 13×13 by Jose Arguelles

“The nature of the calendar determines the nature of the society.”
Jose Arguelles / Valum Votan

“The World is a Mess!”
-Donald J. Trump-
45th U.S. President
The Daily Show – Welcome to  “President Trump” Reality!

Watch Video of the Daily Show here!

Since last 11.9.2016 (9.11),  when Donald J. Trump was elected by the American people as the new president of the United States of America and “commander in chief” of the most powerful army in the world, an unprecedented wave of rumors, conspiracy theories, dark prophecies and heated confrontations between factions of the old decaying paradigm, have been flooding the cybersphere, triggering all types of reactions and new narratives around the web, in anticipation of the BIG DAY: The 45th Inauguration ceremony at the US Capitol.
Image: NBC News
This wave has given origin to all sort online memes, being the “Trumpocalypse” one of the most notorious and interesting, as it brings humor to a very serious planetary situation.
Google Keyword: “Trumpocalypse”


Some alternative outlets like Reality Sandwich have come up with profound and thought-provoking explorations making us all question: “What type of reality are we really living in?”

“It’s time to wake up to the actuality, that it isn’t just a feeling or a metaphor. We actually do live in a “Reality Show,” a matrix whose source code has been written to favor story-intensifying plot developments and story-intensifying protagonists and antagonists. The evolution of life on this planet does not so much illustrate natural selection as manipulated story selection. This is close to what Terence McKenna meant when he said that the universe favors novelty.”




It’s time to WAKE UP…




“The truth may currently feel stranger than fiction, but Donald Trump’s emergence as a political leader – and even his presidency – has been predicted in fictional dramas more than once. ” ….The Guardian.
The current “wave” of anticipation before Trump’s “BIG DAY” , reached a climax a week prior to the inauguration through a new wave of “leaked” “fake news” coming directly from the mainstream news outlet CNN, and causing a major clash/rift between the incoming “president elect”, the media establishment and the U.S. “intelligence community”:
“YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!” Trump to CNN correspondent at the controversial press conference of last 1.11.2017
So, what can this “Inauguration Ceremony” represent as a threshold for the people in America, and for ALL Humanity on the planet?
At this decisive point in the history of the planet, probably most humans on Earth are still holding our breaths and trying to wrap our heads around the fact that the time to live up to the consequences of our “poor” choices as a species is coming straight at us now in the figure of Mr Trump, a sad epitome reflection of our decaying “ego based” materialistic paradigm: Trump represents our collective shadow…
We can call this moment “Judgement Day” or the “Day of Decision”… From NOW on we will have to decide (either we want it or not) if WE, as a species are able to finally face our collective shadow and create a new paradigm based on informed and mature choices… Or if we are going to stay asleep and let the artificial matrix run the show and win the GAME. This game is being played on your mind and the mind of 7 Billion humans who organize their lives based on an erroneous timing program…
We are living truly historic times… So we better have a good MAP to navigate the FUTURE ROAD ahead… An accurate Calendar is an accurate Map of Time. And fortunately we have a good one. SO LET’S USE IT!!!

“In a world of harmony there is no apocalypse.” – José Arguelles



NOTE: If you are new to the concept of Organic/Natural Time and inorganic/artificial time, some of the information presented on this and future articles/reports may be challenging or difficult to absorb and process for the linear/rational mind conditioned to an outdated perception (program) of time: the Gregorian Calendar. We are doing our best to connect the dots from different reliable information/news sources and integrate those streams of data into an organic, harmonic and coherent Time Matrix: The 13 Moon 28 Day Calendar / Synchronometer: This New Calendar is a tool to measure synchronicity and harmony. It is calibrated to the heliacal rising of the Star Sirius at 19.5 latitude every July 26th and followed globally since 1992 by growing numbers of human beings, who are aware of its energetic influence on all Life and therefore, on human affairs. Every year on July 25 “The Day Out of Time / International Peace through Culture Day” is celebrated by thousands of people around the Earth who are inspired by a new understanding of Time, available to all Humanity.


Before we dive deeper into the interpretation/decoding of the timeline of events leading to this climatic world event, it is important to highlight that in order to bypass the “3-D drama-trauma” and fully grasp the SYMBOLISM behind these events, we will elevate our point of view and analyze them from a purely archetypal perspective. In order to do this, we will use the language of number and present below a list of synchronic facts associated with 9/11 that, hopefully, will shed new light on the occult synchronic aspects behind these 2 events. Only by elevating our perspective can we redeem once and for all the negative karmic imprints associated with the past and engraved with pain into our collective consciousness. So let’s define first what an archetype is:
“Archetype”: “Jung and his colleagues have provided us with definitive evidence of a collective unconscious. From this collective layer of the unconscious emerge the great, primordial images Jung referred to as the “archetypes.” Archetypes are “innate universal psychic dispositions that form the substrate from which the basic themes of human life emerge.” Across cultures and periods we find endless variations of these archetypes, such as the Self, Persona, SHADOW, Hero, Great Mother, Trickster, Devil, etc. The archetypes may manifest in anyone but often show up most vividly in the fertile psyches of artists, poets, mystics, writers, shamans and prophets. Through such individuals the archetypes become myths and diffuse throughout a culture.”
”Definition from Crossing the Event Horizon—Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype


“We think it’s a big deal when we have a synchronicity. I thought of that person and here they are. But the Mayan calendar and what the Mayans knew through their calendar system is that synchronicity is the norm. Everything is in a state of synchronicity. In fact, that’s what the “Law of Time” refers to as the “synchronic order.” We all know that time is the fourth dimension. The synchronic order is to the fourth dimension of time what gravity is to the third dimension of space. That holds everything together. And we’re also in the fourth dimension and the third dimension this very moment. The fourth dimension is greater than and encompasses the third dimension. The third dimension is physical – it’s space. We can touch it, see it, and we can feel what it is. It has texture, color, and sound, whatever you want. But show me where time is. It’s not on your clock. You can’t touch time. You can’t see time. Maybe with an inner sense you can feel time. So, time is of the mind, just like third dimension space is of matter. Time is of the mind. That’s where time exists. If you look into nature, you can see there are cycles and rhythms of time. You know the lunar cycles and the Circadian rhythms. There are different biological cycles. But the actual fact is that when you say, “Where is it? How do you know it?” is that time is of the mind.”

– José Argüelles Time & The Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs

The purpose of this article is to highlight and appreciate the potency of the times we ARE LIVING from the perspective of the Synchronic Oder. Therefore it requires from the reader a temporal shift in perspective from usual ways of perceiving reality. A shift from Space-Time oriented perception to Time-Space oriented perception. This is a subtle but yet a potent shift. Why?
Mental Pretzel: YOU are at the intersection between space and time.
Our daily reality is a function of a basic matrix we called Space-Time. In other words: our consciousness/point of view/perspective /experience of life depends on those 2 reference points: our place in Space and our place in Time. Since Space is of the Senses, our place in Space is easier to trust and grasp than our place in Time. While the Five Senses govern the realm of Space (3rd Dimension), only the Universal Mind informs and governs the the realm of Time (4th Dimension)and the entire 3rd Dimension. So we invite you now to suspend for a moment your preconceived ideas and concepts learned around TIME and contemplate the ideas and principles presented here with a fresh set of eyes and an open mind and heart. Do it as an experiment to FREE YOUR MIND from social conditioning and outdated ways of thinking.


Find the TRUTH about the calendar we use to program our lives @ http://www.calendartruth.info

“Who owns your Time owns your mind. Own your own time and know your own mind.”

— Jose Arguelles 

In order to introduce the subject of time and mind control to new readers, we will start by taking an excerpt from Stephanie South blog “Emerging from the Artificial Time Matrix” which summarizes in a few paragraphs the mechanics of this mind-trap:
“We as a civilization are living in an artificial hologram caused by a time-space distortion. Humanity lives in the past, running our lives by a mechanical clock and irregular, outdated time count implemented 433 years ago by Pope Gregory 13. This time distortion matrix confines us to believing that 3D physical realty is the only (or predominant) reality. This perception closes our species off to the infinite possibilities and keeps us from accessing other dimensions of being where the solutions to our problems lie.
Isn’t it time that we as a species updated our system of TIME? We speak of the new feminine cycle though we still live in a patriarchal linear time frame based on the synchronization of mechanical clocks (Standard Time). Now our “Doomsday” clock is three minutes to midnight. At present, humanity’s understanding of time is governed by a 12-Month Gregorian calendar that conditions us to associate time with money, business, industry, schedules and taxes, which creates anxiety and depression. The majority of our thoughts, ideas, plans and decisions are derived from this artificial time matrix of which we are largely unconscious of.
Time Enslavement
Human civilization is enslaved to an unconscious mental matrix governed by artificial time. The definition of a slave is “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.”
The chief instruments of collective time enslavement are the Vatican calendar and mechanical clock, which together, form the structure or mental lattice that our world paradigm is woven on. Embedded into this paradigm are all of our current beliefs, be they religious, economic, political or scientific. The imposition of artificial time impedes our flow and natural rhythms, thus veiling us from our true essence.”
In order to strip down and break apart the spell engendered by this bizarre artificial matrix we will now proceed to examine its 2 BASIC KEY components:





As one of the central elements of the Genesis narrative in the Bible, the Tower of Babel constitutes one of the most powerful archetypal constructs for humanity. It symbolizes the confusion sprung from the forgetting of the original language of Nature, which is Number. In the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan, this ancient archetypal construct is re-introduced under this new light. According to it, the Tower of Babel corresponds to a “smart trick” of “Lucifer” AKA the “D-evil”, “Satan”, “Iblis” AKA “OUR COLLECTIVE SHADOW”. According to Galactic Maya cosmology (see The Arcturus Probe) we are dealing with the last remnants of the “Luciferian Experiment” and the cosmic redemptive drama of a 6th dimensional entity who, somehow, played a TRICK within our collective consciousness, to obscure and cover our comprehension of Higher Natural Law of Number governing ALL Creation.
This Higher Natural Law (of the Cube) is introduced as the “Cube of the Law”and its origin is described in detail on the second section of the prophecy (verses 11 to 20) entitled “The Cube of the Law and the Tower of Babel” Telektonon Gospel of Pacal Votan (For a full interpretation of the Tower of Babel symbolism within the 911 timeline please read previous blog: 9/11: A Higher Perspective)




Donald Trump (KIN 107 Blue Electric Hand) is famous for being a millionaire builder. He has built his empire from a-top his “golden pent-house”, the jewel of the crown of his “golden tower” located at the heart of the “big apple” New York City right on 5th Avenue.
IMAGE: http://www.trumptowerny.com Trump Tower, New York“
Trump Tower, home to Donald Trump and the corporate offices of The Trump Organization, is one of Manhattan’s most iconic buildings. Completed in 1984, the 68 story mixed-use structure was built in New York’s “Tiffany Location”, right next door to the world famous Tiffany and Company jewelry store, located on Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th street, this is considered to be the most prestigious intersection in all of New York City”. http://www.trumptowerny.com/trump-tower-new-york
Enter the new “Tower of Babel”: Golden entrance to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue… Door drives people right through a STARbucks Coffee and is flanked by a golden clock: “TIME IS MONEY” is not too funny ~ IMAGE: http://www.trumptowerny.com






TIME WARS: Aggressive movement to claim Kinich Ahau system on behalf of Lucifer through use of techniques intended to deprive third-dimensionals of their own time. Sourced on sixth and seventh planets of Velatropa system (Jupiter and Saturn), home of the Luciferian projections responsible for devising 12:60 artificial time beam.    -The Arcturus Probe-

Everything is governed by the 13:20 Natural TIME frequency, in fact even the Gregorian Calendar follows a permutation of 28 years. This 28-year Gregorian calendar Time-line as presented in Time & the Technosphere by Jose Arguelles, connects the  years 1933, 1961, 1989 and 2017.  This means that any event or karmic frequency played in 1933 is very likely to resurface from the collective unconscious in 1961, 1989 and then 2017 again. The programming device is in this case – wether we are aware of it or not –  the Gregorian Calendar.
KING kong 1933
King Kong was first released on movie theaters in 1933. The giant monkey became since then a symbol for the most animalistic and instinctual parts of the human soul. Originally captured on a wild island outside of civilization, King Kong is then brought to New York representing our “sophisticated” modern world – the Technosphere. Here he escapes “control” and climbs during the final battle onto the Empire State building. King Kong is a male Archetype and closely connected to “The Beauty and the Beast.” The other missing half of King Kong is the second main character: The beautiful sensitive female, in comparison to him, she is a weak and fragile woman, who resists the monster and tries to tame it. Our collective female side representing empathy and conscience.
King Kong made it  already 3 times to the movie theaters and his TOWER changed later from the Empire State Building to the Twin Towers.
This time, the 2017(!) re-make concentrates solely on the the wild KONG island outside of civilization and  is called: “KONG SKULL ISLAND” and scheduled for March 10 2017 – KIN186-4Worldbridger.

1933: 2017

“These are photos of an island in the south pacific:
The place where myth and science meet.”

Synchronistically, exactly 1 Tzolkin Spin of 260 days earlier from Kong Skull Island release Trump visited Scotland during BREXIT discussions on KIN186 4 Worldbridger (4Cimi-4Skull).
Dump Trump

Mr Trump has certainly not much in common with a giant monkey rumbling through the civilized world, he is a far better actor.  Let’s also remember that Trump completes this month 13 years as the central actor, host & producer of the Reality GAME Show called “The Apprentice”, that started airing in January 2004 on NBC.

Becoming a STAR: The Apprentice holds the Pentagram at the Big Apple…



President Trump loves his role as executive producer of his reality game show so much, that even after becoming president, he decided he still will continue “running the show” on his free time, and keep playing the role of “The Master”….
Donald J Trump. Master EGO Matrix Architect
…and recently, he even started an official appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast with a request to “pray for the ratings” of “the show” now that it is under the lead of his ultra-male counterpart and “twitter arch-enemy” Arnold Schwarzennegger, ex-Mr Olympia, ex-Governor of California (the Golden State) and very well known by the general public for his acting roles as “Terminator”+”Conan the Barbarian”… Are we being played into another “real life sketch” where fiction drama and real drama merge?
Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. But, rest assured, this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.”
The Matrix Architect to Neo.
The Matrix Architect
REALITY IS STRANGER THAN FICTION: No it’s not Entertainment… It’s “real” political news coverage by Politico.com


From the archetypal perspective, NYC, the “big apple”, home of Trump until recently, plays the role of modern day Babylon on the prophetic 9-11 timeline narrative presented in detail by Jose Arguelles in the groundbreaking book “Time and the Technosphere, The Law of Time in Human Affairs”.





Almighty Trump owns the big apple. Book cover full of esoteric symbolism

(You can expand more on previous blog: TIME CAPSULE #7: 9-11, “The Inevitable Event” and the Nature of Time) published last 9-11-2016 KIN 6 (6.6)
Let’s remember that it was on the early hours of November 9 (11.9), 2016 that Donald Trump was “officially” recognized as the U.S. 45th president.


At that time we reported here:Today is the last day of the 13-day Wavespell of Prophecy [KIN 65 13 Serpent] and marks the 27th anniversary of the “Fall of the Berlin Wall”. In a paradoxical twist of fate, the United States has elected as president a man who wants to build a great wall of 2000 miles along the Mexican border… This is then a good opportunity to meditate on the symbolism and the message behind these synchronic occurrences…”



REVELATION 9-11:  “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).”

BACK IN TIME >>> 2001 to 2015: 9-11, THE DEVIL AND THE TOWER

“You must understand, our plan was not, nor ever has been, to destroy Lucifer, but to learn from him and merge him into our ways. After all, a sixth-dimensional entity is a rare phenomenon, and if this entity represents the future’s restlessness coming to us, then for the sake of our own evolution we had to learn how to create communion with him. However many aeons and planet systems it would take, this was our commitment: communion with Lucifer.”

–The Arcturians– The Arcturus Probe, p. 113

There is a 56-year 2×28 Gregorian calendar cycle between the dropping of the Atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan and the Inevitable Event – the construction of the towers in 1973 and the collapse of the Babylonian TWIN TOWERS on 9-11.
If we want to understand how Trump “made his way to the top” we need to go back in time to find some trigger events that serve as prophetic signals. 2016 was the (Gregorian) year that saw the “rise and conquest” of Donald Trump. And it started with a clear sign and as a “Global Wake Up Call” of “coming attractions”:
“In another rare episode of synchronicity, the end of year 2015 and the start of 2016 was marked by the news of a tower engulfed in fire in Dubai (Middle East), right next to the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.”
2016 OMEN: Tower on Fire @ DUBAI: Modern Babylon of the Arab world
Despite the fire at the 63 storied building, New Years fireworks 2015-16 K12-13 started “in-time” at Burj Khalifa
Let’s remember that for many years the Twin Towers held the record of the tallest buildings in the world…”
Eiffel Tower Paris, tallest building in the world 1889, 112 2×56 Gregorian Calendar cycles to 2001 – the Inevitable Event
Nowadays not only the Burj Khalifa in Dubai holds the world record for the tallest building but also a clock in Saudi Arabia directly hanging over the Kabbah-Cube, Islam´s most holiest shrine in the world, is the “biggest” clock in the world. Both symbols, tallest TOWER and biggest CLOCK, are main Archetypes of the 12:60 artificial Timing Frequency and main components of the TECHNOSPHERE.
 The Abraj al Bait tower where the biggest clock (actually it is four clock faces) is hanging holds itself several world-records, when it was finished it was the tallest building of Saudi Arabia, it partially houses a 5 star luxury hotel and cost about 15 billion to construct it. Saudi officials even  had the idea to replace GMT world-time by Mekka time!
Tic-Toc: Saudi Arabia is America`s strongest ally in the Middle East and wanted to replace standard Greenwich World-time by Mekka time and adopted the Gregorian Calendar  last October 4th, 2016 on its 434th anniversary, with the purpose of paying less money per year to workers.
To expand more on this subject please go to our post on Galactic Synchronization: Tower and Clock Report
The Burj Khalifa opening was on KIN166. While Pacal Votan´s tomb dedication in 692 exactly 1260 years before it´s discovery in 1952 is according to LC Pratt also KIN 166=113+53
What also happened in Mekka, Saudi Arabia, right on the 14th 9-11 anniversary (09.11.2015) coded by K161, is that due to a sandstorm a crane collapsed killing at least 107 people.
Note that “crane collapse” on the 14th 9-11 anniversary  is half of a 28 year Gregorian Calendar cycle.

The wealth generated through oil in countries like Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia  is unimaginable and it is no secret that Saudi Arabia is the US strongest ally in the Middle East. Yet at the same time human rights almost do not exist in there: Opponents and bloggers are imprisoned, uprisings of people are bloodily suppressed, women have no rights and foreign workers from 3rd world countries like Pakistan and Nepal are held like slaves. This doesn´t prevent Western European countries like Germany and the US buying oil and selling weapons to those countries, while they talk about democracy and development.


“The use of capital punishment in Saudi Arabia is based on Shari’ah (or Islamic law) and is condemned internationally because of the wide range of crimes which can result in the death penalty and because it is most commonly carried out by public beheading. In 2011, the Saudi government reported 26 executions in the country. Amnesty International counted a minimum of 79 in 2013. Foreigners are not exempt, accounting for “almost half” of executions in 2013. In fact, foreigners (especially those from the developing world) are routinely executed, mainly for drug smuggling and murder. There has not been any report of a Western national being executed in the recent history of Saudi Arabia. In 2015, the number of be-headings reached a two decade high of “at least” 157 and 47 were executed on 2 January 2016.”



“I am Merlyn. Being from Arcturus in my root origins, I am victorious, a celebration of Dreamspell magic whose thought tones and powers ascend and descend interdimensional scales undreamed of by your makers of bombs and cruel inventions of new toys to bring on sudden death! […]

I am Merlyn. Maldek is my domain. I am the ancient one and the many who transmits the knowledge of time sharing to those of you or the 3rd world called Earth. This I know and can now tell you:

The time wars are just now reaching their climax.
There is no evil but the projection of the shadow cast by ignorance.
My Oracle and prophecy is this:


When the root is bound to the crown
Lucifer will show only light in the round
Only light in the round, all Stars heaven bound
Only light shall rise, the rest fall down
Lucifer revealed time tunnels returned
Arcturians Antarians no longer spurned.


This Oracle and prophecy have I Merlyn the timeless one, left for you to discover in the fields and rocks that you call home. For when the circles appear among the rows of wheat then shall the rocks remember to you what must be done to seize the time and know your enslavement to time no more!”


The Arcturus Probe
“Tales of an ongoing investigation”
by Jose Arguelles



It was on July 15, 2016 on KIN 208 Yellow Cosmic Star – at the 208th step of the “stumbling of Merlin and Theft of Time” on the Dreamspell Genesis that a 28 page“top secret” document was released to the public, actually containing 29 pages. Note that 28×29 =812 Days to Solar Consciousness and that July 15 2016 KIN 208 is the day the staged Turkish Military Coup started. See down below.

“A long-classified U.S. report released Friday found that some of the 9/11 hijackers were in contact with and received support from individuals likely connected to the Saudi government. Known as the “28 pages,” the secret document was part of a 2002 Congressional Joint Inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks and has been classified since the report’s completion, despite repeated calls for its release. The document, which the administration finally delivered to Congress earlier Friday, actually contains 29 pages of material, plus a letter from then-CIA Director George Tenet.“




The well-staged 9/11 “Inevitable Event”  in cooperation with Saudi Arabia, the following “War on Terror” invasion of several countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Lybia, the Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden hunt, Guantanamo …. it´s all recorded history and part of the Revelation. And it was planned and executed by the darkest groups inside US Government and Saudi´s Bin Laden Group: “The dark wizards behind the curtain…”

From the American Civil War to 9-11, a fifth force Pentagram Pentagon Program

1861 to 2001: 140 years of a culture of WAR in America coordinated by an unconscious timing program that fosters disharmony and the miss-use of 5th Force… “Artificial-Timeline” redeemed…


Let´s zoom back to get the bigger picture: 9-11 in 2001 is linked through the 28 year Gregorian calendar program to 1973– the year the twin TOWERs were completed, to 1945 – the year U.S. dropped the atomic bombs over Japan, 1917 – the year U.S. declared war to Germany during WWI, 1889 the year the Eiffel Tower was completed, becoming the tallest structure in the world and 1861 the year the American Civil War started:


5 Gregorian 28-year cycles

 “[…] the technosphere is embedded in the global macro-organizing principle of the 12:60 frequency, the Gregorian calendar. Two 28-year cycles, each one divided into four 7-year subcycles, define the duration of the technosphere. Remember that the Gregorian calendar repeats every twenty-eight years. As we have pointed out, the 56-year cycle of the technosphere, 1945-2001, is preceded by the 44-year cycle of the proto- technosphere. The two World Wars were a function of the proto-technosphere, the final major act being the construction of the Pentagon, specifically for consolidating the American war machine-the world’s largest office building means that the world’s largest business is war, with a $318 billion budget for the year 2001-2002 alone!”
– Jose Arguelles ~ Time & Technsophere
As if writing with a prophetic vision of the future, on chapter 5 of his book “Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs”, José Argüelles presented the cards number 15The Devil” and number 16The Tower” of the Tarot deck, as part of the archetypal story line associated with the 9/11 attacks, based on the close relationship between each of these two Major Arcana with the two main targets: The (inverted) Pentagon and the (twin) Tower(s):
Original image from book. Page 109
“That the startling conjunction of these symbolic correspondences points to is the profoundly archetypal nature of the Inevitable Event. It has been prefigured and prophesied, and has now come to pass. No matter how much America and its allies, many of them bought for a price, may strike back, the deed has been done. The Towers are gone; the Pentagon has been penetrated. While it will take several years for the full realization of the absolute magnitude of this archetypal event to sink into the collective mind, it is important to demonstrate the actual structure in time of the technosphere so that the finality of its end may be seriously considered, and the gate to the future, which has thereby been opened, can be made clearly visible.” ~ Jose Arguelles~ “Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs”
Here we are 15+1 years in the future from the publication from this master-piece, still contemplating the ripples in time of this text and its irrefutable numerical exactitude:
  • 2015-2016= ‘15 & ‘16
  • 15+16= 31 day when the Dubai Tower was consumed by fire… inverse of 13, last day of Gregorian year
  • Examined under the advanced lens of the 441 • 21X21 Synchronotron Matrix the KIN Equivalent for Trump´s Inauguration Day is KIN 251, 4Monkey, marker for 9-11-2001.




This is now of revelatory significance as the famous January edition of “The Economist” Magazine (source of many conspiracy theories and interpretations) dedicated its 2017 cover to Trump and the Tarot Cards…
Let’s remember that “The Major Arcana are also called TRUMPS and conform a suit of twenty-two cards in the 78-card Tarot deck. On the art cover, under the header “Planet Trump” we see 8 cards displayed in 2 rows. Out of the 8 cards, 2 cards stand out the most as they appear slightly “slanted”. These cards are: 20. Judgement and 17. The Star:
20. Judgement: In this 2017 version Trump appears replacing the angel from the traditional card, and he sits on top of the Earth in-between XVI (The Tower / Fire) trump and XXI (The World).
According to Wikipedia, “the card scene is modeled after the ChristianResurrection before the Last Judgment. An angel, possibly Gabriel, is depicted blowing a great TRUMPet from which hangs a white flag bearing a red cross. A group of humans (man, woman, and child) of grayish complexion stand, arms spread, looking up at the angel in awe. The people are apparently emerging from crypts or graves. There are huge mountains or tidal waves in the background. These may be a reference to the sea giving up its dead on the day of judgment, as described in the Book of Revelation. […]
In the Thoth Tarot deck, Judgement is referred to as The Aeon : The Aeon is the trump of time and the changes dictated by the times, it addresses finality and destruction as well as liberation, hope and redemption.
Also note that Trump (KIN 107) will assume the throne on the 20th day of the 1st month of the gregorian year. ( 20 X 1 =20)
17. The Star
The card on cover shows 14 yellow 8-pointed stars + 1 comet and 10 small white stars, while the original card depiction shows eight 8-pointed stars: the largest in yellow, surrounded by other 7. (Card 17 coded by 1 and 7)
The Star (XVII) is the seventeenth trump or Major Arcana card in most the traditional Tarot decks. A naked woman kneels by the water; one foot is in the water, one foot is on the land. Above her head a star shines out. In each hand she holds a jug. From one jug she pours a liquid into the water. From the other jug she pours a liquid onto the land. In other, older decks, a woman (or sometimes even a man) is simply looking and sometimes gesturing at a large star in the sky.
As you can appreciate in the picture the yellow star is an 8-pointed one. This is again of special significance as in the 13 Moon, 28-Day calendar, the first Moon of the current year (2016~2017) is coded by the Star, the 8th Solar Seal. The Star corresponds to the galactic-karmic aspect of Planet Venus. Venus is usually represented by the STAR pentagram. Planet Venus is also the orchestrating force behind the prophetic narrative /timeline presented in 2015.
13-Moon Year of the Star. IMAGE SOURCE: Can Ik ~ Martin Kuipers


(For an expanded interpretation we also recommend to read Goro Adachi’s blog on subject entitled New Year Prophecy ~ “Intertemporal Perspective via 2016 Tower & Star Rituals”)


Let us dive a bit deeper into the Tarot cards using the Aleister Crowley THOTH tarot and see what they say as information code for 2015,2016 and 2017:





In this Tarot version the devil is depicted by a goat and a huge penis. Note that the goat-horned picture of The Devil or Baphomet is derived from ancient times and  originally was the Greek god of PAN. Often depicted with an erect penis he is a symbol of male sexual energy  and pure natural lust. During the course of hisStory the church  banned sexual pleasure and the fate of PAN was to merge with Luciver – originally the light-bringer. (Latin: luci= day ligth, fere = almost) This name Lucifer originally was used by the Romans for planet Venus. As morning and evening star Lucifer announced the day. See also Sura 113.




“Pan was the god of the wild, hunting and companion of the nymphs. He was depicted as being half human, while having the legs and horns of a goat, just like a faun; his Roman counterpart was Faunus. It is unclear as to who his parents were; his father may have been Zeus, Dionysus, Hermes, or Apollo. His mother may have been a nymph called Dryope, Penelope who later became the wife of Odysseus, or Aphrodite. There were no temples attributed to Pan, but he was rather worshiped in natural settings such as caves. It was believed that he often chased nymphs in order to seduce them, but he was always turned down due to his ugly appearance. Moreover, the word ‘panic’ derives from the name of the goat-like deity. Pan’s angry voice was so frightening, that caused panic to anyone who was unlucky to be close enough to hear it.”


Tarot Card explanations:

20(15) – “Reducing the long story of the Devil to its roots, there was an archangel called Lucifer (lightbringer) who said ‘I’m born to be free – I don’t serve!’
Later on there was a despotic religion that annihilated everything else, destroyed age old cultures and beliefs, and surpressed natural wisdom and science. Then, the world was provided with perverted rags like Dantes’ ‘Divine Comedy’, while everything scientific landed in the fire. But for all the ‘evil’ there was a perfect scapegoat – the devil..
In the Tree of Life the Devil goes from consciousness and harmony to intellect and logic – against all dogma, never caring for rules, freely uncompromising and independent. There are no restrictions, no limitations, nothing is forbidden. The Devil is aware of the darkness, he knows all the shadows and will go on researching even at a high price.
In a positive aspect, the Devil tells us to go ahead with whatever we want, even when the results won’t be comfortable. Never forget that half of the great scientists in history ended up on a scaffold or were accused of ‘heresy’.”


20(16)The Tower is a symbol of endurance and its destruction, an allusion to sudden, maybe shocking realizations that crushes old views and persuasions, maybe the view of the whole world. The area of relative security starts wavering, our tower then falls and with it the walls around us that have become too narrow. It is rarely the evil, but rather the necessary development we meet when there is a change in the armor of destruction.
So in the positive aspect, this most violent trump will mean that we proceed to learn that losing the old secure fortress of our beliefs will reward us with a major step forward.
And a good step forward sometimes requires a kick in the …”


20(17)The Star is the trump of hope and trust, for the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony. It is related to the Adjustment (the cross sum of 17 is 8), but while the Adjustment keeps the balance deliberately, the Star keeps it with feeling. The Star is also called the ‘Guiding Light’, and is taken as a symbol of the deep realization that the chosen way is the right one, that the end of this way will be a good one, and that there is perfect harmony between the psychical feeling and the physical doing.. In a negative position the Star can tell when there is a mistake in the code, some error in our feeling, that the way we feel so sure about isn’t quite right. This is what makes this trump so kind – even in its most negative aspect it just gives us a gentle warning.”


All Tarot Card readings above are derived from CORAX.COM




“It must be understood that the events of 9-11 were so historically unprecedented, so mind-bogglingly dramatic, that they require a large lens through which to fully interpret their meaning. The Law of Time is such a lens. Quite simply, the destruction of the Twin Towers defines the limit of artificial time. If this is so, what can be expected following this world-shattering event?” ~ Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan ~


So what has happened since september 2001 events? Right at the midpoint of the 28 year cycle we had a very powerful inter-temporal event:


 Signs of Redemption from above:
a RainBow appearing on eve of the 14th anniversary of 9-11 over new World ONE Tower.
Eve of 14th 9-11 anniversary K160 Yellow Self-Exisiting Sun



The Gregorian 5×28-Year Cycle is now being redeemed through prophecy and  orchestrated from above by the the penta-grammic power of Venus Cycles. More about this soon…


But not only the years 1861 to 2001 come in a sequence of 5 x 28 Gregorian cycles, actually you can look at any year and search for patterns of synchronicity. If you count back 56 or 2×28 years  from Jan 20 2017 – the year Trump became President – you arrive to the day Jan 20 1961 – the year Kennedy became president:

KIN 237

Jan 20 1961


John Fitzgerald KENNEDY
35th President of the USA

56 YEARs


KIN 137

Jan 20 2017


Donald John TRUMP
45th President of the USA
KIN 107

107+166 = 13

What could have CHANGED for humanity within these last 56 years if we were using a calendar of harmony instead a CROOKED CALENDAR device? Are the words of Kennedy spoken in 1961 still valid for us today?


There might be big differences between the two persons Kennedy and Trump, and what they are standing for, but from the perspective of the Noosphere what “counts” is number. The collective evolution of the biosphere-noosphere transition is choreographed out of the dimension of number.


Besides, using the words of Dr. Arguelles that the Inevitable Event of 9-11 was a “profound theological event”, it was also the biggest „synchronized“ Tele-Vision event for the collective human psyche. No event until then was broadcasted longer and live into all countries of the world. Everybody on planet eARTh remembers where he was when he/she first heard of a plane that crashed into the Twin Towers. The days, weeks and month after 9-11 the whole world was focused on America and how it would react.

“Martyrs are made by the assassins of truth in the hope that death will silence the truth. The truth cannot be assassinated.”

Jose Arguelles


Everybody when hearing of JFK also immediately connects this with the assassination of the 35th President in Dallas, Texas Gregorian calendar 11.22. 1963. Countless documentaries and conspiracy theories are on the web, weather Lee Harvey Oswald was the suspected who fired on Kennedy or parts of the Government were behind it and Oswald only a patsy. The whole thing being a big show – A false flag event.

In the light of the „synchronized television event“ of 9/11 mentioned above it is most interesting to read these following words in Wikipedia about JFK, his assassination and the effects:



“Historical Evaluations and Legacy:

Television became the primary source by which people were kept informed of events surrounding John F. Kennedy’s assassination. In fact, television started to come of age before the assassination. On September 2, 1963, Kennedy helped inaugurate network television’s first half-hour nightly evening newscast according to an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite.[333] Newspapers were kept as souvenirs rather than sources of updated information.

In this sense his assassination was the first major TV news event of its kind. TV coverage united the nation, interpreting what went on, and creating memories of this space in time. All three major U.S. television networks suspended their regular schedules and switched to all-news coverage from November 22 through November 26, 1963, being on the air for 70 hours, making it the longest uninterrupted news event on American TV until 9/11. The assassination had an effect on many people, not only in the U.S. but around the world. Many vividly remember where they were when first learning of the news that Kennedy was assassinated, as with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, before it and the September 11 attacks after it.”


This means that JFK ASSASSIN and 9-11 TOWERS were until now the most SYNCHRONIZED GREGORIAN CALENDAR EVENTS that happened on this PLANET and broadcasted via all MEDIA CHANNELS in 70 and more hours.

Synchronistically   the movie Jackie is currently running  in the theaters around the planet. The film follows Jackie Kennedy in the days when she was First Lady in the White House and her life following the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy, in 1963. It focuses on Theodor White’s Life magazine interview with the widow. The main character Jackie is played by Natalie Portman K137 – Red Resonant Earth. Same Kin 137 when Trump became President.

“People like to believe in fairy tales.”

1933 to 2017 – Nazi´s and Nationalist`s

If we look closer at the timeLine of the Gregorian calendar program of hisStory and consider that  events from 1933 surface 1961, 1989 and then 2017, after 3×28 or 84 year cycles, we notice that 1933 was THE year the Nazi´s took over Germany:

List of Events 1933:

  • Jan 20 – Nazi leader Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany by President of Germany Paul von Hindenburg.
  • February 1 – Adolf Hitler gives his “Proclamation to the German People” in Berlin.
  • February 27 – Reichstag fire: Germany’s parliament building in Berlin, the Reichstag building, is set on fire under controversial circumstances.
  • February 28 – The Reichstag Fire Decree is passed in response to the Reichstag fire, nullifying many German civil liberties.
  • March 23 – The Reichstag passes the Enabling Act, making Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany.
  • May 02 – Gleichschaltung: Adolf Hitler prohibits trade unions.


“Germany First!” – “America First!”

“Turkey first, France first, Holland first, Hungary first …”


The same slogan 84 years 3×28 apart. Now look at the world today: Everywhere extremist and nationalistic forces. Trump makes no secret out of it: He acts in racist, sexist and egoist ways . Within 14 days the new far-right US Government has “shocked” the whole world. A WALL between US and  Mexico, MUSLIM ban of 7 countries, etc. While more moderate people in Washington D.C. are still in shock that Steve Bannon, head of Breitbart right wing news channel  is now not only close advisor of Trump, but also part of the National Security Council, in a 2016 Daily Show moderator Trevor Noah called out the: Trump Fascist Week …




As confirmation that historian parallels between Hitler and Trump are evident,  an interview with  Historian, Bestseller Author and Yale Professor Timothy Snyder appeared on German Süddeutsche Zeitung MAIN page. (like NY Times) . “We have maximum one year to defend Americas democracy.” German Interview

You might also be interested in reading Snyder´s SLATE article: Him – His election came as a surprise …


In Turkey President Erdogan K59 since his False Flag Military  Coup on K 208 (15.07.2016) arrested more than 10.000 army and police members, 40.000 civil servants, and fired about  150.000 officials among them many teachers of high schools and universities. He closed hundreds of independent newspapers and agencies. Until today 150 reporters are still arrested – without accusation. All those moderate or different thinking people sitting currently in jail, many  of them tortured, had more or less one in common – they didn´t shout: All hail to our new Emperor Maximus Erdogan. The next step in Erdogan´s plan for Full Power is to change the Turkish constitution, degrading the parliament to a puppet show, and giving himself unlimited power. Pretty much like Putin in Russia.


Note that the staged Turkish military coup started during occult (53) watch of K208 and went far into the next day KIN 209. Jose Arguelles defined KIN 208 Yellow Cosmic Star – as The “Stumbling of Merlin” within the Dreamspell Genesis narrative. While KIN 209 is a fractal of the K209 Red Magnetic Moon year 2006/2007 which matched in a never before witnessed perfect way the Resonant 7th Moon with the 7th Mystic Tzolkin Channel, and started with Day out of Time DOOT KIN 208, while concluding with DOOT KIN 53.

Moon (209) and five (53) pointed Star (208)

In fractal perspective we are currently transiting the 11th K219 Blue Spectral Storm year of the 13 Year Wavespell which started with K209 – Red Magnetic Moon.


Europe´s Far Right Leaders unite at Dawn of the TRUMP Era.

In several countries inside Europe  the nationalistic parties attract more and more  voters. In the front row Dutch Geert Wilders, German Frauke Petry and for Franc National  Marine Le Pen.

Appropriate and symbolic banner: 2017 – Year of the Patriots.


What the Jews were in 1933 – the Muslims are in 2017. A projection screen for unresolved personal and collective shadows of the psyche. 3×28 84 Gregorian calendar years later.



Can we break this spell?

The concept of Calendar Chang3 –  that humanity might adopt a new 13 Month 28 Day Calendar is not so new. In fact it was already on the United Nations agenda in –

YES 1933 !!!

Calendar reform is NOT a new crazy idea

It is important for us to remember that during the first half of the 20th century, a vigorous and well organized calendar reform movement flourished. George Eastman of Eastman Kodak organized a great campaign on behalf of a particular 13-month, 28-day calendar, known as The International Fixed Calendar, a perpetual calendar (same every year) with 13 equal months of exactly 4 weeks (28 days) each, comprising 364 days, and with the final 365th day held not in any week or month, often known as a “Null Day” or “Zero Day,” so that the first day of the year is always the first day of the week, a Sunday.


In the United States alone, over one hundred industries adopted a 13-month, 28-day perpetual calendar.  Kodak used one until 1989. It was announced that on January 1, 1933, we would return to 13 months of 28 days each. But the Vatican resisted to it by focusing on a campaign against the “Null Day.”

They argued that a break in the succession of the seven-day week would create chaos and calamity. George Eastman Kodak, one of the most well known 13-month, 28-day calendar proponents of that time, was murdered within the next year after the Vatican stopped the calendar change. This calendar story has been swept under the history carpet.

Excerpt from Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization by Jose Arguelles:

“The logical nature of the thirteen month calendar attracted English Railroad magnate, Moses B. Cotsworth, who formed the League of the International Fixed Calendar. In 1921, the International Chamber of Commerce in London, England, decided to promote the calendar world-wide, and the matter was taken to the League of Nations. During the 1920s, Cotsworth attracted the interest of George Eastman of Eastman Kodak, who organized a great campaign on behalf of the International Perpetual Calendar. At the League of Nations a committee to study the topic of calendar reform received numerous proposals, but by far and away the most popular was the International Perpetual Calendar. In the United States alone, over one hundred industries of a great diversity of interests were ready to adopt the thirteen month perpetual calendar. The League of Nations determined that January 1, 1933, would be the date to commence with the new calendar, since that year began on a Sunday, and the perpetual calendar always begins on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday.”

Full article on Calendar Reform

Another great article by Jose Arguelles: WHY WE NEED A NEW CALENDAR

1933 -2017

And here we are in 2017, 84 2×42 or 3×28 years later re-introducing the “UNTRIED SOULUTION” Calendar Chang3. Please sign our petition if you have not done yet:



or visit our Sister website: http://calendartruth.info/

Change your calendar, change your time, change your mind, change the World.




A prophetic and synchronized global event of PEACE; LOVE AND MEDITATION was the so called Harmonic Convergence on Aug. 16/17 1987 Kin 55/56 –it´s purpose was to redeem karmic ripples of the dropping of the Atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during WWII on K55/56:

„In 1987 José Arguelles launched a word-of-mouth Harmonic Convergence campaign calling for 144,000 “Sun dancers” to gather near sacred sites at dawn on August 16 and 17 to “open the doors to the final 26 years of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle,” an era of unprecedented change and preparation for a new evolutionary cycle on Earth.

The Harmonic Convergence was celebrated worldwide by tens of thousands if not millions of people and marked the first time human beings simultaneously coordinated their prayers, meditations, and ceremonies at sacred sites around the planet. This was the first manifestation of a networked thrust toward a unified moment of collective synchronization. Everyone from Shirley Mac Laine to Timothy Leary to John Denver celebrated the event. Even talk show host Johnny Carson got his studio audience to OM on behalf of the event. Many people reported significant shifts in consciousness and a reorientation in their life patterns.

The dates of the Harmonic Convergence were based on prophetic events beginning with Good Friday 1519 when Cortez led the invasion of the Spaniards into Mexico. This day on the Mexican sacred calendar marked the precise end of a 52-year cycle. Since then, nine 52-year cycles had elapsed, coming to a close on August 16, 1987. This also marked the last day of the nine hell cycles as prophesied by Mexican prophet Quetzalcoatl. It was a signal indicating that only twenty-five years remained before the end of the Mayan Great Cycle of History, which occurs on December 21, 2012.”

Harmonic Convergence 1987 – K55/K56

Arguelles believed that the Harmonic Convergence was an event with meaning extending into other dimensions. What was occurring was a prophetic enactment on the third dimension was something that had been previsioned and foretold at a higher level, in another dimension and in another time, by seers whose sole purpose it is to monitor the karmic unfolding of this planet. For more see 2012 Biography of a Time Traveler: the Journey of José Argüelles.

In the August 11th, 1987 edition of The New York Times, in the article: “New Era Dawns—or Just a New Day?” José Arguelles was quoted:

“…The vibratory infrastructure holding the Earth together is in a condition of intense fever called resonant dissonance. Influences such as the arms race and insults to the environment could cause the breakup of the Earth into smaller bodies not unlike the Asteroid Belt…This can be averted, by harmonic convergence achieved in a synchronized collective of human beings, through which the possibility of a New Heaven and a New Earth is fully present.”


The two brightest Star explosions ever Quetzalcoatl One and Two define a 28 year cycle  1987-2001-2015
It was about a year ago, right at the start of the Gregorian year 2016, that the news from the brightest SuperNova ever recorded by the human eye made worldwide news, sending waves of awe all around the scientific world:

This “Brightest Supernova ever” called ASASSN 15lh (and later re-named “Quetzalcoatl II”) which is as bright as 570 billion of our own sun´s and was detected synchronistically on the 63rd anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Mayan time engineer Pacal Votan, June 15 2015 K73.

Note that 570 years is exactly the time difference between the births of the three messengers Buddha, Christ and Muhammad as presented inside the Baktun map of hiStory by Jose Arguelles. Buddha born 570 BC (Before Christ) ,  Christ @ Zero of the Millennium timeLine and Muhammad 570 AD (Arcturus Dominion) .


Certainly we were aware of the strange similarities between ASAS-SN – standing for All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae and it´s spoken meaning associated with – assassin. Therefore we re-named this STAR explosion to  Quetzalcoatl II.  http://www.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~assassin/index.shtml

But even more surprised we were when the News came on 12.12. 16 K98 White Resonant Mirror that:

„The incredibly luminous outburst that astronomers had previously classified as possibly the brightest supernova ever actually might have been caused by the explosive death of a star torn apart by a giant black hole, a new study finds.”



SUPERNOVAE or black  hole  WHOLE – our Universe  Multi-verse certainly does not value events using good-bad or positive-negative. This star explosion from the near FUTURE-PAST-PRESENT is a remarkable sign on the 63rd detection anniversary of the tomb of Pacal Votan June 15 2015 K73. While KIN 60 Pacal Votan + KIN 73 Detection Star = KIN 133.

133 19 x 7, 19th order of 7, mystic mid-point in 19 = 260 code, vigesimal 6.13 = 19. Kin 133 = 3 Skywalker, seal 13, tone 3, = 3.13 Genesis code, supreme sign of the resurrection



When we examine some of the main events along Trump’s “ascension timeline”, we can see that his rise to power is heavily entangled with the announcement of the brightest star explosion since the START of his campaign. We can also notice that the WAKE UP CALL has been signaled with synchronic clarity in several occassions:
  1. June 14th, 2015: Donald J. Trump 69th birthday. (KIN72 7 Human) NOTE: Vladimir Putin is KIN 72
  2. June 15th, 2015: Discovery of Supernova SN ASASSN2015 Lh. (KIN73 8Skywalker) Most luminous explosion ever on the 63rd anniversary of another KEY discovery (and core component of the prophetic narrative): the tomb of Pacal Votan in Palenque, Chiapas (June 15th, 1952)
  3. June 16th, 2015: Trump launches Presidential Campaign (KIN74 9Wizard) 2 days after his 69th Solar return, the 2016 presidential campaign is formally launched at Trump Tower in New York City.
  4. March 1st, 2016: 1st Victory (KIN73 8Skywalker) EXACTLY 260 days after the brightest star explosion, Trump wins primaries on 1st SUPER-TUESDAY. At that time we reported on this page: “So, if a calendar is a programming device and the “day of democracy/elections” in the country with the biggest army in the world is programmed on the first day of the month dedicated to Mars, on the day dedicated to Mars (in this case an “inflated” Mars as SuperTuesday), what do the results reflect? That the candidate with “strongest” and most “radical” positions, hence with the most exacerbated male power won by a large margin over its “contenders” and is now becoming one strong candidate to win the ticket to run the largest army in the world… From the archetypal perspective, Trump ascension path during US election year 2016 is then a function of a calendar that fosters war.”
  5. November 9, 2016: Final Victory on 11-9 (KIN65 13Serpent) In the early hours of the 107th day of the 13-Moon Year (4th Moon ~ Day 23), Trump (KIN107) is declared the 45th president of the United States. The event synchronizes with other important historic events: 27th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall. 78th anniversary of KristallNacht (Nazi Germany)
  6. December 21st, 2016: Donald Trump completes 99 Tzolkins as KIN 107 3Hand, on the 4th Year Anniversary since the “End of Time”/“Closing of the Cycle” marker in 2012. START of GLOBAL WAKE UP CALL:


After being called FAKE NEWS by Trump only days ago on his first press conference after Election Day, CNN highlights the “DAWN of TRUMP ERA”…
7. January 20, 2017: Inauguration Ceremony (KIN 137 7Earth) Trump assumes power as 45th President of the United States America. THIS EVENT IS OCCURRING ON THE EXACT SAME DAY OF TWO EVENTS OF GREAT HISTORIC AND PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE:
  • The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492, KIN 137 7Earth. 736 Tzolkins /Galactic Spins from TODAY.
  • The release of the movie The Matrix on 3.31.1999 KIN 137 7Earth. 25 (5×5) Tzolkins/Galactic Spins from TODAY.
Let’s examine in more detail the resonance behind these 2 events and “FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT” DOWN THE RAINBOW WHOLE




Prophecy is Natural Law and when we are studying the Law of Time we are studying comprehensive science. Comprehensive science unifies what we usually think of as science. We must remember, science actually is an endeavor to discover the truth. Genetically modified food is a deviation from true science and has something to do with the need for prophecy. We say that prophecy is Natural Law, and that prophecy has to do with correcting the genetic order in time. […] Prophecy is Natural Law which corrects for the deviant understandings of death, and its purpose is to continuously bring us to new levels of order which correct for the defects that have arisen.” ~ José Argüelles, Ph.D. Valum Votan ~ 28 Meditations of the Law of Time
Man made or not, scripted or not, this healing crisis is inviting all of us to reflect on our role as “active observers” and our power to infuse the 3D reality hologram with a “vision of wholeness and beauty” that can transmute all the chaotic forces at play and revert/neutralize the apocalyptic scenarios. How?
The Synchronic Order provides us with the “antidote for doom” in the form of a new comprehensive science of time with powerful telepathic tools, that enable us to perceive the harmony behind the apparent chaos and reshape reality through the power of our higher awareness, pure intent and creative imagination.


“In the Mayan Tradition, 7 Earth, Red Resonant Earth, is referred to as “Ah Vuc Ti Cab” or Lord Seven Earth. As the chronographic „keeper“ of the resonant power of the Earth’s core, the Ah Vuc Ti Cab is the Mystic Lord of the Center of the Earth, the mediator of the commands of the Hunab Ku (source of the energetic or radial plasmas) to the rest of the biosphere.” Jose Arguelles/ Valum Votan


“The power of the Ah Vuc Ti Cab is utilized only according to the knowing power of the text concealers, such as Pacal Votan and Phadmasambhava, and the tertons, the hidden text finders.” JA/VV
“The day before Katrina made landfall, I felt an urge to step outside after my morning meditation. The sun had not yet risen. As I looked on the western horizon, a massive “shooting star” cut a brilliant swath across the sky. An iridescent blue tail came to a sudden and abrupt end in an explosion of red and orange fire. Then it was gone. I wondered, who else saw this – or was it meant just for me? This was the morning of Red Resonant Earth – the Ah Vuc Ti Cab, Lord of the Center of the Earth. I knew the “shooting star” was a sign. I remembered the signs of shooting stars and comets in the sky reported by the Aztecs, a year or two before the arrival of the Spaniards. All signs come from God. Instinctively I felt that this was a sign of the end of the old order. Two days later, and for the next two weeks, the tragic story from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast unfolded. I knew this was the meaning of the sign in the sky.“ -Dr Jose Argyelles PhD, Planetary Healing Doctor



HISTORIC IRONY: “Let’s Make AMERICA Great Again!”
According to the Synchronic Order, Trump’s Inauguration event occurred EXACTLY 736 Tzolkins/Galactic Spins (+118 Leap Days) since the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America on Oct, 12, 1492 KIN 137 7Earth The resonance between both events is quite ominous as both dates have been and will be decisive for the FUTURE of America and the planet
Let’s remember the “apocalyptic” chain reaction that this event triggered in the words of Jose Arguelles:
“On October 12, AD 1492 (Dreamspell 7 Earth of year 7 Storm), Christopher Columbus arrived in the “New World.” The hopes of the Maya, the Hopi, and all indigenous people, not only of the Americas, but of the entire planet were thoroughly shattered and destroyed. Genocide, enslavement, and colonization were the indigenous people’s reward. Never had the knowledge of a high civilization been so intentionally desecrated and destroyed as was that of the Maya.In one single act of conquest, humanity was deprived of the gift of the knowledge of time. By 1583 the Catholic Church installed its “reform” of time known as the Gregorian calendar. Simultaneous to the proclamation of the Gregorian calendar was the development of mechanized time, the basis of all machine technology. Instead of the 13:20 galactic frequency of time, the planet was bequeathed with the 12:60 (12-month year, 60-minute hours) frequency of machine technology.”
The 12:60 frequency of machine technology is surrogate time, which in actuality is based on standards of measurement of space. In the scientific and industrial revolutions that followed, the dominating, materialistic and acquisitive western mind engulfed the planet. This same mind now seeks to conquer space as well. Humanity today is driven and obsessed by a space-based science and mathematics. In solely recognizing space without understanding time, science has created a crippled, suicidal race of enslaved humans helplessly living in a rapidly deteriorating planetary environment.
Until the human race is willing to own its mistake of living in the wrong time and removing itself from the influence of this wrong time, humanity has no hope whatsoever of curing itself of the problems which it alone has created. The most immediate first step that needs to be taken is to relinquish the Gregorian calendar, replacing it instead with the mathematically accurate calendar of the thirteen moons.”



Also worth taking NOW into consideration the HIDDEN significance that Columbus Day still holds as a Federal Holiday in the US:
“Moon 3 day 25 [OCTOBER 12] also happens to be one of the days upon which observation of the imperial holiday “Columbus Day” takes place according to current U.S. federal custom. According to the Washington Post, “Columbus Day” was first made a federal holiday in 1937 due to pressure from the Catholic Church, which was interested in the establishment of a federal holiday devoted to a Catholic figure. At first the holiday was placed on October 12, as Columbus was famously discovered by indigenous Americans on Guanahani Island on October 12 in 1492. However, due to the difference between the Julian calendar of 1492 and the Gregorian calendar of 1937, the October 12 U.S. observation was not a precise solar anniversary of the event. The actual solar anniversary of the Columbus event corresponds to Gregorian October 21.
In 1971 the U.S. altered the observation so that it now takes place on “the second Sunday of October”, which can be anything from October 8-14; but this remains disassociated from the actual solar anniversary of the event. Interestingly, the timing of the Columbus Day observation from October 8-14 more closely matches the Gregorian implementation — dynamics certainly worth making conscious, especially in light of the Catholic Church’s influential role in the holiday’s establishment.
Columbus event = Oct 12, 1492 Julian (Oct 21 proleptic Gregorian)
Gregorian event = Oct 14-15 Gregorian (= Oct 4-5 Julian) 1582
“Columbus Day” = Oct 8-14 Gregorian, 1937-present
This means that between October 8 and 14 of every year the United States’ imperial government mandates a federal holiday on behalf of the interests of the Catholic Church. The holiday is ostensibly a recognition of “the discovery of America” ( a misconception to begin with), but the timing evokes the Church’s implementation of the Gregorian calendar, falling directly within the “missing time” interval from October 4-15.
Catholic Church missing time: Oct 5-14 1582 U.S. celebrates empire: Oct 8-14, 1937-present”
Source: Present Zuvuya of Prophecies Future by Aaron KIN81 GalacticMaya



As mentioned above, the movie “The Matrix” (the first part of the trilogy) was released on March 31/1999 (KIN 137 7EARTH Lord Ah Vuc Ti Kab – The Spirit that dwells at the Center of the Earth). The Matrix “inception” took place 709 Tzolkins after Columbus arrival and just months before the Y2K event, becoming suddenly a cultural icon of the times, an inseparable part of the Y2K & 2012 memes and probably the most relevant and revealing Sci Fi story of the 20th Century.
Unique in its nature for presenting to the masses around the EARTH a renewed scenario between Machine (Artificial 12:60) and Human (Natural 13:20) Consciousness, through a story full of philosophical and esoteric concepts and metaphors, The Matrix re-introduced the archetype of the modern Prophet/Messiah and catalyzed the re-awakening of perennial dormant questions for a vast planetary audience. In the words of her director:

” What we were trying to achieve with the story overall was a shift, the same kind of shift that happens for Neo, that Neo goes from being in this sort of cocooned and programmed world, to having to participate in the construction of meaning to his life. And we were like, ‘Well, can the audience go through the three movies and experience something similar to what the main character experiences?‘.

Lana Wachowski(formerly Larry), Movie City News, October 13, 2012
  • This coming March 31, 2017 (18 year anniversary from The Matrix release) will fall on KIN 207 (12Hand), time marker for 21-12-2012: “The End of Time” or end of the 13 Baktun Wave Harmonic of History. Let’s remember that the 4th anniversary of this event took place on 12-21-2016 on KIN 107, signature of Donald Trump.
  • The Matrix was released 25 Tzolkins/Galactic Spins (+5 leap days) from Inauguration Day. 25=5×5 = 5 SQUARED or the MATRIX of 5
  • NUMBER 5 represents the Quintessence. The Fifth Element. The Philosopher Stone. The Stargate Pentagram. The Gateway.


FIVE – Serpent/Chiccan

Maldek, name of 5th planet out of star Kinich Ahau. Velatropa 24.5. Destroyed in time wars, Maldek is critical to sounding of 5th force chord of Kinich Ahau. Known to third dimensional science as asteroid belt.

Xymox, Name of Antarean who identified type and style of lost chord of Maldek. As lost chord, represents history needing to be retrieved by twenty tribes of time. On parallel Earth, sounded by Joshua.

Fifth Force Chord of Kinich Ahau, Sound created by attainment of perfect 5th. Sound of freedom from stasis of round of four. Sound of liberation. “Lost chord”. Primal RANG to be renewed by Kinich Ahau by 20:13.

ARCTURUS PROBE  , Tales and Reports from an ongoing Investigation.


Possible discovery of 5th Force in nature. Published on August 15th, 2016: Eve of the 28th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence “World Peace Meditations” of 1987. https://phys.org/news/2016-08-physicists-discovery-nature.html
“What is the Fifth Force?

Contemporary science describes four major forces in the universe: strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational. The Fifth Force, then, is the one that binds them all together, it is the synchronic G-Force, sometimes called the ether, or akasha. It is the force which synchronizes the Universe!

Every galactic gateway as you know has a solar seal and galactic tone, but also packed inside is the dense synchronic power of the G-Force – it is the purpose of the Fifth Force Oracle to tap into this deeper cyclical pattern and to amp up the level of meaning that can be gleaned from each galactic gateway, and more!” 
– Date:7/29/1567 AD KIN: 137 7 Earth James VI is crowned King of Scotland at Stirling.
– Date: 10/27/1997 AD KIN 137 7Earth Stock-crash: Stock markets around the world crash because of fears of a global economic meltdown. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets 554.26 points to 7,161.15. For the first time, the New York Stock Exchange activates its “circuit breakers” twice during the day eventually making the controversial move of closing the Exchange early.



HOLONOMIC FIELD PATTERN: Page 133 (60+73) “Earth Ascending” By:Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

KIN 137 is then a PERFECT DAY to replace the Trump Tower of Babel with the 20:17 Tower of Resonant Navigation…



We will make use of this 20:17 Telepathic Tower of Navigation to send a message across the Noosphere re-iterating the HIGH-LIGHTS of the 2017 GLOBAL WAKE UP CALL presented by Stephanie South 32 days ago in preparation for Inauguration’s BIG DAY:

“Americas lesson is everyone’s lesson. Because it is the number one power, the riches of all the nations, and the world cop, the American mind is , more than any other, in a state of baffled neurosis seeking to maintain identity of control. This is a fundamental ego struggle. Ego of personal identity, ego of national identity. Both are a travesty because neither has any true reality. They are fictions, and damaging ones.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

“As we conclude this four-year Solstice cycle (2012-2016) we are being thrust into a stage of evolution unlike any we have ever known. Radial consciousness is overtaking the linear time program, whether people realize it or not. This means higher levels of unpredictability on a level that is irrational to Old Mind patterns. In other words: Expect the unexpected. Solstice 2016 is the beginning of a GLOBAL WAKE UP CALL, coded by Blue Electric Hand, Kin 107 (galactic signature of Donald Trump).
We are invited to step back from our current vantage point and see a larger Picture. Is it possible that all that is occurring is specifically designed to create a longing deep and urgent for that which is Invisible and Infinite?
Our Timeship Earth is entering an entirely new Playing Board in 2017-2018. The dark corners of human unconsciousness are now coming to the surface along with much confusion and conflicting emotions.” Stephanie South

“Most humans are so immersed in the unconsciousness of their own mind and its control by their ego that they scarcely have a clue of what is actually real and what is just conditioned made up ideas in their heads. Impacted by the effects of the cybersphere, the number of humans not in touch with their natural mind is staggering, especially when you consider the spiral of hopelessness of the problems we seem to be generating and are immersed in.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan


Trump Tower of Babel redeemed via Resonant Channel. 4:7::7:13


“Comets and Eclipses have been associated to prophecy probably since the “Beginning of Times” or early years of Human Civilization. When these motifs appear on the screen of our reality/consciousness with such synchronic potency, they invite us to contemplate life under a new lens… and explore the realm of Prophecy. These cosmic events seem now to be part of a symbolic epic storyline during the last week since the 2nd Blood Moon Eclipse.” 

 As we finish this post, we are preparing to witness a very special TRIPLE event covered in detail 2 days ago on  TIME-SPACE ALIGNMENT II: SUN, EARTH AND MOON MEET COMET 45P.

“A beautiful, shining comet flying through the sky is a rare thing. But this week it’s not even going to be the rarest.

Friday night will in fact see that comet – a green, shining light followed by a purple trail, known as 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková – joined by a bright, shining full “snow moon” and a lunar eclipse, all at the same time.”


Having the presence of a Comet designated as 45P heralding the first eclipse of 2017 has deep significance since:
1. Donald J. Trump is the 45th U.S. President (45P). As elucidated on this article, Trump’s cycle of power is ruled by the Archetype of the Star. So having a “falling star” designated 45P coinciding with his 21st day in power results quite prophetic. Remember: 21=7+7+7 and he assumed power after 70 Years + 7months + 7days from his arrival to this plane…
2.This 2-day TRIPLE event on KIN 158+159 will take place on 8Eb +9 Ben on the Traditional Maya Count (corresponding to DS KIN 112 8Human + KIN113 9Skywalker)



This is of VERY SPECIAL significance as it uncovers another layer of Prophecy:

KIN 113“Lord of the Dawn” KIN 113 is Red Solar (9) Skywalker (13) frequency68bae-quetzalcoatl corresponding  to the “psycho-mythic representation of the power of self-transcendence of the human spirit”:

“I shall return as a frequency, and by my frequency shall you know me!”



“Comet 45P, as skywatchers are calling it, is a short-period comet, discovered in 1948. Its orbit around the sun takes only 5.25 years, and, with great predictability, it returns to our skies about that often. Thus this comet has been mentioned frequently throughout 2016 – within the astronomical community, among those who routinely use telescopes and binoculars to find faint sky objects – as one to search for around the end of this year. That’s because its perihelion – or closest point to the sun – happens on December 31, 2016. [NS1.29.6.19 ~ KIN117 13Earth EXACTLY 1 year after Tower on Fire event ] ”  Read original article @ earthsky.org

On that day we completed 1 year from another prophetic ” TWIN” event parallel to the tower on fire at Dubai: Comet Catalina sweeping by the star ARCTURUS on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 





“What appears to be our story is also your story. Your story is a simple one: how do you overcome death? Or, more exactly, what is death and how do you overcome deathfear?  Why do you not know?”

– The Arcturians
The Arcturus Probe p.79




From the Archetypal perspective, KIN 158 2 Mirror, also corresponds to the “House of God” and constitutes the LAST of  “9 Mystic Gates of Resurrection in Time”, according to the unpublished document “The Holy Quran and the Law of Time: 19 = 260 An Investigation of the Mathematical Cosmology Unifying the Holy Quran and the Science of Fourth-Dimensional Time as Decoded from the Tomb of Pacal Votan by José Argüelles, Ph.D. Valum Votan,…





“Note that the nineteenth column contains two multiples of nineteen, 19 x 19 and 19 x 20, and that the 21st or +1 multiple is coded by frequency 19 (Storm) and is written 19.19, “Over it is nineteen!” Finally as the +1 factor to the entire 19 x 21= 20 x 20-1 set, we include the final multiple 22 (9 +13) x 19 = 418. This sum, 418 or 19 x 11 x 2, in the gematria of Aleister Crowley signifies the “House of God.” Even this number (4+1+8=13) written in vigesimal code, 1.0.18 invariably adds up to nineteen.” – José Argüelles, Ph.D. Valum Votan



Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 09.48.48.png



As human antennas attuned to the incoming frequencies of the new time (and attuned to this LOUD & CLEAR Global Wake Up Call our immediate job NOW is to keep telepathic memory record of these events and hold the resonance field by means of weaving a 4th dimensional holographic “blanket of harmony” over the current distorted 3rd dimensional hologram, projected now as a global “planetary reality” engulfed in disturbing news stories of war, decay and famine.
As Conscious, Evolved, RESPONSIBLE and MATURE Human Beings we have the sacred duty to do our best in redeeming and making conscious those aspects and events affecting in very detrimental ways the future of our Planet and of our next Seven Generations. One way to achieve this redemption consist simply in making conscious the unconscious by focusing our attention in the numeric messages provided by the sacred rhythms, ratios and proportions of the synchronic order and from this elevated perspective be able to:
~ Re-frame the Past ~ Re-think the Present ~ Re-member the Future
We require now new ways to perceive our evolutionary journey as a species… The purpose of this note is to gain a NEW perspective of the times we are living and hopefully learn to choose wisely where to put our attention and our intentions to redirect the energy. By discerning illusion from Truth we will become vehicles for Higher Consciousness and walking~living conducts of the restoration of balance on Earth. The advent of the Noosphere is announcing the start of the Psychozoic Era… A TIME to choose an evolutionary future driven by Natural Law, the Intelligence of the Heart and the organic rhythms and patterns of the Universe.
One more time the“path of technology” has been redeemed by the path beyond technology: In Time, through Time, by Time.
May Love, Peace, Harmony, Synchronicity and Telepathy prevail on Earth!
May the Noosphere manifest as the fulfillment of ALL Prophecy into ONE:
One Earth! One Time! One People!


If you feel ready to learn much more about the Planetary Redemption Program 2016, please follow the redemption route presented on this 19-Year fractal map of the Time Tunnel of the Retrieval of the Divine Plan with expanded information If you find useful this post and would like to see this work to continue, please SHARE or click below to donate, your contributions will help establish a Galactic Culture based on LOVE, PEACE, ART & SYNCHRONICITY on Earth.

First draft Assignment filed by GA113 Red Solar Skywalker as a part of the Quetzalcoatl Project. Year of the Blue Spectral Storm Resonant Moon, Kali 11 (7.11) KIN137 7Earth Gregorian Calendar: 1.20.2017 @ 12:00 NOON ET EXACT Moment of Trump KIN 107 taking oath as 45th US President • Threshold in-between 2nd daily watch KIN 189: 7Moon (Guide) and the 3rd daily watch KIN 7 ~ 7Hand (Challenge)


4:7::7:13 Babylon REDEEMED!  TIME IS ART! and…

FINAL Assignment
By 42 Crew
– Electric Communication in Service to Spirit –
Agents 113 and 189 = 42
Galactic Moon Day 4
on KIN158 White Lunar Mirror
“The House of God”
Partial Lunar Eclipse
Eve of Comet 45P Closest approach to Earth
Eve of 4th Solar Anniversary since Pope Benedict’s KIN 133 resignation
Blue Spectral Storm Year
KIN219 (19.11)
Advisor: K11 Blue Spectral Votan
1 Ben, 1 Reed, 1 Skywalker






Thank You for your TIME!

17 thoughts on “TIME WARS: The 5th Force Awakens

  1. hello jannis, i haven’t heard from tmq for months and months. i am hoping you can alleviate worries or pass the query along. She is a stellar figure not only in the questS for CRESTs* but for me personally cause proven to be just about the only one in the entire JA following who never lost patience with my input (though i suspect she ignored it more often than not), even treefrog081 won’t brook me on his blog apparently, though his 3day window doctrine fits tmq’s 3d plus and/or minus moonday fluxdiff with the ‘official’ 13moontimers perfectly i’d say.

    * = time to step the safe space up into zones for grounding purposes .. make’m watershed wide, while we still have a choice of those left worth protecting.

    I can see how the kind of dynamics too subtle to not seem hesitance – or, like aldo costa, wesseli, bessler or my preferred kinds of ‘dustifications’, the garden/kitchen integration, and the efforts of other rock ‘currency’ minting advocates, run the risk of being called frauds – is a turn off and i forgive any and all touchlosers but, as i said, i’m worried cause she did fall severely in mexico once already.


    1. TMQ is fine trying to move from Mexico to Oceania. Will forward UR e-mail. And “as usual” I understand first part of comment but not second. Do you want me to publish also the other Arcturian Bla-bylon e-book you wrote, currently it has a nice cosy corner in the trash boX.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is horrible, if you want to send a positive message it was lost in all the trashy tabloid magazine look… And Trump, yes he might be evil, but please… you are giving him too much power in this…
    man this is not who we are… the way you are doing this makes the real information seem like trash… Its insulting to the movement…


    1. We believe that people are well aware of light and shadow in this world. This world is made out of paradoxes, and you can´t shut your eyes from all injustice and suffering by living inside your Unicorn cocoon. Our blog focuses on the Gregorian Calendar patterns and sheds light on the 12:60 matriX. Is Time and the Technosphere a “positive message” book? I see crumbling Twin Towers, devils and Pentagram/Pentagon´s inside! We don´t even believe that Trump is “evil” but an actor playing his Archetypal yet powerful role in this “War of the Heavens” story. It is our perspective which you obviously don´t share. And yes we like the trashy tabloid magazine look … we even like Star Wars! May the Force be with You …

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Greetings I am learning so much about prophecies and famous people in prophecies explained in details this is so educational and deep.Who was Michael Jackson? Why was he so powerful when it comes to his music and his dancing.Why does his music have so much effect on people.why is it that that people are still talking about him.still crying when they listen to his music.Please explain to me the mystery that is evolved around him and his life work.What was the depth of his mission,there’s this song that Michael Jackson and Barry Gibb sang together the song is called all in your name,can you please explain the meaning of the song for me.Thanks for your time I am waiting for your reply thanks.


    1. Sorry for the late reply 🙂
      VV writes of Michael Jackson:
      What does it mean that after professing his faith on the anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, that by his death – 12 Skywalker – Michael Jackson called the same Martian round table together as did JFK by his death? The widely broadcast memorial service occurred 12 days later on 11 Serpent, the 7th clear sign of the Tomb of Pacal Votan, and the supreme sign of the dissolution of the lost planet Maldek. This synchronic coding indicates some replay of the interplanetary histories of Maldek (Serpent) and Mars (Skywalker). Who was Michael Jackson really?

      Yet this supernatural, super human superstar, was judged, set up, and brought down by the most petty, vilifying and criminalizing human standards, and hounded to death by an unforgiving media. How could people expect the most phenomenal superstar of history to live by and be judged by ordinary human standards and conventions? King of Pop was no exaggeration. And his continuously changing physiognomy was nothing more than a reflection of our entire species now undergoing such a massive mutation. Listen again to “Man in the Mirror.” It’s about you and me as well as of him.

      Now that he is gone, maybe humanity can learn from the example he set.

      But in the end it is the fact of his final change, the conversion to Islam that is most telling. This is the culminating act of the man who recorded an album called “History.” Beyond history is his song “Give Thanks to Allah.” What does it mean that the King of Pop died a Muslim? If Michael Jackson was some kind of interplanetary drop in, reflecting back to humanity both its love and its fears, was his conversion, then, a sign of the triumph of Islam at the end of history?



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